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Team Building Events facilitated for DA Caucus by TBAE

DA Caucus Team Building
The Democratic Alliance (DA) is the biggest opposition party and the second largest party in South Africa. They are the most diverse and dynamic party, and the only one to have grown in every election since 1994. Their dream for South Africa is of One Nation with One Future built on Freedom, Fairness and Opportunity for All, living together under the Constitution in peace, security and prosperity, with opportunity and recognition for all the rainbow people.


Some of the Team Building Events facilitated for DA Caucus

DA Caucus Team Building Nelspruit

DA Caucus Cooperation and Creative Thinking Outcome Based team building event at Nou's Toeka in Nelspruit
The DA Caucus in Nelspruit took part in a Cooperation and Creative Thinking facilitated by TBAE at Nou's Toeka team building venue in Nelspruit. With their multi-purpose faciliies and our green grassy pastures, Nou’s Toeka is the¬†perfect venue for any type of event¬†from weddings, product launches, conferences to year-end functions, Ladies tea or formal Banquets and Team Building. Broadly speaking a team can be described as a group of people working towards one common goal. Team building is the process that enables the team to reach their goal. Team building may mean different things to different teams. It can be about creating better cohesion among team members while, in other instances, improved communication may be the main aim of team building. Team building is anything that helps to improve the performance of a team.

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