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Team Building Events facilitated for Dentons by TBAE

Dentons Team Building
Dentons have been present in Africa for 55 years and pride themselves on their ability to respond to client needs through their offices in South Africa. Their legacy in Africa through their combination in Kenya dates back to over a 100 years.


Some of the Team Building Events facilitated for Dentons

Dentons Amazing Race Team Building Cape Town

Dentons Amazing Race team building event in Cape Town
A Walk On The Wild Side Amazing Race themed team building was facilitated for Dentons South Africa in Cape Town. Each team is provided with various clues relating to finding each “check-in” point. Some of the “check-in” points have activities and at others the team need to “prove” that they located that specific point. The teams need to find the “check-in” points in the correct sequence which are hidden in different locations throughout the venue. Once a “check-in” point is located, the team either needs to “prove” that the whole team was there, or each member of the team must complete the activity (team work here guys!) before moving onto the next activity. The first team to successfully complete all the activities and tasks is declared the winning team of The Walk on The Wild Side Amazing Race.

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