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Team Building Events facilitated for Donaldson Filtration Systems by TBAE

Donaldson Filtration Systems Team Building
Donaldson Filtration products are ideally suited to Africa’s challenging environments. Whether it’s transport on the growing network of highways that link the continent’s important centres, agriculture and mining in our varied climatic zones, industrial air quality in the manufacturing sector, or specialised filtration media for cutting-edge industrial applications, Donaldson excellence makes a difference.


Some of the Team Building Events facilitated for Donaldson Filtration Systems

Donaldson Filtration Systems Drumming Team Building

Donaldson Filtration Systems Drumming team building event at Kopanong Hotel in Benoni
In Africa, drumming has always been the most fundamental group activity for communication. For centuries, people have used drumming to release stress, raise their spirits, enhance clarity and focus, and develop co-operation and community bonds. Group Drummings is an excellent activity for stress release, group bonding, team building and the synchronizing of thought processes. This team building activity also helps to break barriers of race, language, gender and hierarchy within teams. Group awareness and communication are highlighted while spontaneity and laughter are encouraged.

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