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Team Building Events facilitated for Engen by TBAE

EngenTBAE regularly facilitates team building events for ENGEN. Engen focuses on downstream refined petroleum products markets  and related businesses. Engen’s core functions the refining of crude oil, provision of convenience services through their extensive retail network and marketing of their primary refined petroleum products. Engen as a global energy company, produces oils and fuels for all automotive and industrial. All are formulated to deliver performance as the products of world leading technology.


Engen Testimonials

"Just wanted to say thank again, the teambuilding exercise was great and the team really enjoyed it."- Sinethemba Ntantiso, Engen Petroleum Limited

"The teambuilding was absolutely priceless! I think my feeling echoes every one that attended! The most amazing thing about a teambuilding is that you see your perception of people just blown out the water and realise that ‘Hey, they actually have a few funny bones in their body’, or even better ‘Hey, you are human!’ The greatest thing about your teambuilding with us was that there was no time to get bored and mill around, we were kept hilariously entertained ALL the time! So once again, a very sincere Thank You to you and your team, it was fantastic!" - Nea'mah Majal, Engen Petroleum Limited

Some of the Team Building Events facilitated for Engen

Engen Team Building Cape Town

Engen Combi Indoor and Amazing Race team building event at Monkey Valley Resort in Cape Town
Engen had a Combo Indoor Activities team building facilitated for them at Monkey Valley Resort in Cape Town, Western Cape. Whereafter they particpated in an outdoor Walk On The Wild Side Amazing Race themed team building. TBAE’s Combo Indoor team building activity is a versatile event that can easily be customized to suit your team and the occasion. In this activity, teams compete against each other in a combination of some of our most popular indoor team building exercises. TBAE’s Walk on The Wild Side Amazing Race team building activity is inspired by The Amazing Race reality competition show. The race takes place on foot and is a venue specific event. Some of the specific outcomes for The Walk on The Wild Side Amazing Race include


Engen Amazing Race Team Building Franschhoek

Engen Amazing Race team building event at Three Cities Le Franschhoek Hotel and Spa in Franschhoek
The Amazing Race activity is a venue specific activity and varies from venues. Although each venue is different the framework of the event remains similar. Three Cities Le Franschhoek provided and excellent venue for this team building event where activities such as: Model Replication, Bucket Challenge and Marble Run were utilised. Another one of many succesful team building events faciliated for Engen in Cape Town.

Engen SA Mini Olympics Team Building Cape Town

Engen SA Mini Olympics team building event at Spier Wine Farm in Stellenbosch Cape Town
ENGEN chose the SA Mini Olympics themed team building as their activity. This creative event is based on a range of Olympic activities and is designed to induce laughter, lift the spirits, stimulate the mind and get the body going! Mini Olympics is a fun and lively activity that provides for the not-so-serious sportsperson. It is perfect for teams who enjoy a bit of friendly competition. Some of the Individual Team Building Activities included in this event : Tug of War, Plank Races, Marble Run, Marshmallow Tower, Fashion Show

Engen Movie Making Team Building Cape Town

Engen Movie Making team building event at Houw Hoek Hotel in Cape Town
Movie Making is a rewarding and fun team building activity that tests your team’s ability to work together on a creative project. Engen asked TBAE to facilitate and coordinate a Movie Making event for them in the Grabouw suburb of Cape Town. Houw Hoek Inn is a gracious combination of old world charm and modern conveniences. It is the oldest hotel in South Africa, located on the site of a toll gate established in the Dutch East India era.

Engen Tribal Survivor Team Building

Engen Tribal Survivor Challenge team building event at Devon Valley in Stellenbosch Cape Town
Another succesful team building event facilitated for Engen in Stellenbosch. This group from Engen selected the Tribal Survivor themed team building which was perfect for an outdoor day in the sun. The group was divided into two teams and after they presented their flag and war cry, they competed against each other in a number of activities including: Hula Hoop Race, Bhati, Water Transfer and Model Replication

Engen Team Building Cape Town

Engen Petroleum Limited team building event in Stellenbosch Cape Town
The activities for the event were arranged around the theme of traditional Boeresport Games. The participants had a lot of fun as they relived their childhood with games such as egg catching, sack racing, ketty shooting and tug-of-war. To make things interesting, some less traditional activities such as Sumo Wrestling and Plank Walking were added into the mix. Although a lot of fun, the activities all depended on the participants working together to accomplish a common goal.

Engen Minute To Win It Team Building

Engen Minute to Win It team building event at Azara in Stellenbosch
This particular event was held at Asara in Stellenbosch. Conferences, meetings and presentations take a decidedly fresh turn when conducted at Asara. With the staff, services and capacity to cater to every need, small and large groups are welcome and taken care of in any of their various venues. One of the first team building events hosted for Engen


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