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Team Building Events facilitated for Fix Auto by TBAE

Fix Auto Team Building

Fix Auto is comimited to delivering the highest degree of customer satisfaction through superior workmanship and service. Providing only clear and accurate estimates. Being professional and objective in all our evaluations, insisting only on proper repairs. Adhering to our written estimates and to those of insurance companies, and executing all repairs correctly the first time. Obtaining approval from customers and insurance companies prior to proceeding with any additional repair work not previously authorized. Using only the most suitable parts and materials, obtained from reputable suppliers. Offering and encouraging ongoing training for all our employees in order to ensure the highest level of workmanship and expertise


Some of the Team Building Events facilitated for Fix Auto

Fix Auto Laughter Games Team Building Sandton

Fix Auto Laughter Games team building event at Indaba Hotel in Fourways
TBAE facilitated the ever fun and hilarious Laughter Games team building for Fix Auto at Indaba Hotel in Fourways. TBAE’s Laughter Games team building activity is designed to do just what it’s name suggest, to cause laughter, a lot of laughter. In this activity teams compete against each other in a combination of team building exercises, especially chosen because of the fun and laughter they create.Laughter and playful communication, strengthen relationships by fostering emotional connections and positive feelings between team members. ┬áBeing able to laugh, play and have fun together makes being part of a team more enjoyable and helps the team to solve problems, connect with each other and be more creative. Playing with a problem can often lead to a creative learning opportunity. Humor will give your team a new perspective that is more relaxed, creative, positive, balanced and joyful.

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