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Team Building Events facilitated for Life Line by TBAE

Life Line Team Building
LifeLine South Africa is a service organisation, responding to emotional trauma and individual crises, with a view to providing emotional support. Their range of services focused on supporting and/or developing individuals, enabling them to cope more effectively with the emotional effects of trauma. These services are primarily counselling and personal growth training and development. A diverse range of projects have been initiated and are run by their centres around the region.

Some of the Team Building Events facilitated for Life Line

Life Line Team Building Lanseria

Life Line Minute To Win It, Karaoke, Tribal Survivor and Drumming Team Building Event
The team building took place over 2 days at Shumba Valley Lodge in Lanseria. Firstly TBAE facilitated a Minute To Win It team building indoors at one of the conference rooms. The classics such as This Blows, Penny Hose, The Nutstacker, Backflip, Noodling Around, Face The Cookie and Tilt A Cup were adapted for this large group from Life Line. After Minute To Win It, some Karaoke for the same teams to get out their singing voices to perform some songs selected by TBAE. The next day the group head outdoors .....

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