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Team Building Events facilitated for Omnia by TBAE

Omnia Team Building
Omnia is a diversified Group with specialised services and solutions for the agricultural, mining and chemicals industries. As a Group, Omnia creates customer wealth by leveraging knowledge. The Group differentiates itself from other commodity chemical providers by adding value at every stage of the supply and service chain through technological innovation and deploying our intellectual capital. The sustainability of the business model is strengthened based on targeted backward-integration through the installation of technologically advanced plants to manufacture core materials such as nitric acid and explosives emulsions

Some of the Team Building Events facilitated for Omnia

Omnia Movie Making Team Building Parys

Omnia Movie Making Team Building Event at Stonehenge in Africa in Parys
Team Building and Events movie making team building event is a fun and interactive activity suitable for everyone regardless of their age, level of fitness or physical abilities. The participants of the team building event are divided into teams. The members of the teams have to work together to write a script, produce, direct and act in the "Movie" using limited resources. Participants are encouraged to tap into their creative and practical abilities as they start to produce their movie. This event is not only an excellent team building tool but also provides great entertainment when the movies are viewed at the end of the day.

Omnia Tribal Survivor Team Building Parys

Omnia Tribal Survivor Team Building Event at Vaal de Grace in Parys
The team building started in the morning with the group from Omnia arriving at Vaal de Grace for tea, coffe and snacks. The stately Vaal de Gráce Golf Estate promises a novel kind of lifestyle experience, second to none. The Vaal River and the spectacular scenery of the Vredefort Mountain Land have sparked a strong growth in adventure tourism. Vaal de Gráce offers various social events and activities and including golf events, corporate functions, fundraising events and weddings, to name just a few. After a few team building ice breakers, the teams participated in TBAE's movie making team building and had to direct, act and film their movie or advert. After lunch the teams competed aginst each other in some outdoor team building activities


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