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Team Building Events facilitated for SNC Lavalin by TBAE

SNC Lavalin Team Building
Designing for the future is about more than predicting what it looks like. It’s about having the know-how and the expertise to turn predictions into projects that deliver results and meet ever-changing needs. That’s what SNC Lavalin do every day: for their clients, for their customers and for the sustainable future of their business and the world they operate in.


Some of the Team Building Events facilitated for SNC Lavalin

SNC Lavalin Team Building Cape Town

SNC Lavalin Corporate Fun Day and Karaoke Challenge Team Building in Cape Town
Coroprate Fun Day and Karaoke Challenge Team Building facilitated by TBAE for SNC Lavalin at Lagoon Beach Hotel in Cape Town, Western Cape. TBAE’s Corporate Fun Day team building activity is a versatile event that can easily be customized to suit your team and the occasion. In this activity, teams compete against each other in a combination of some of our most popular team building exercises. The exercises are highly interactive and offers active spectator participation. TBAE’s Karaoke Challenge is one of the best ways to get your team to laugh together. Laughter plays an important part in team building. Laughter strengthens relationships by fostering emotional connections and positive feelings between team members. Laughing together creates a bond that acts as a buffer against stress and disagreements. Shared laughter is also an excellent tool for keeping relationships fresh and building strong relationship bonds.

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