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Team Building Events facilitated for St Stithians by TBAE

St Stithians Team Building
St Stithians offers a synergy model of boys’ and girls’ schooling on one campus. Their students experience a holistic and relevant education, grounded in values that reflect their identity as a Methodist School. They educate thinkers, leaders and citizens for today and tomorrow. They seek to be a College of welcome and wonder, of gratitude and service.


Some of the Team Building Events facilitated for St Stithians

St Stithians Team Building Randburg

St Stithians Boomwhacking team building event in Randburg
Boomwhackers are hollow, plastic, musical tubes, which are struck with the hand or on each other to create melodious sounds. Each colour of boomwhacker has an individual and distinct tone to create an instant orchestra when used in a group. In no time at all, we can create a performance that encourages each tone department to take ownership of their new role and support the people around them. Boomwhacking is ideally suited to audience participation and may be used in large numbers. Participants all play together, following a leader's directions from the stage.


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