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Team Building Events facilitated for Uvuko Civils by TBAE

Uvuko Civils Team Building
Uvuko Civils Maintenance and Construction is a fast growing and top performing company established to provide high quality, value, service and better ways of achieving every client’s construction and maintenance goals. Uvuko Civils has been in the construction and maintenance industry for at least 10 years. Since the formation, they have grown to be a successful and dependable and have gathered vast experience in all types of construction projects. Uvuko is guided in all that they do by our core values of excellence, accountability and team work and their objective to promote growth and development.

Some of the Team Building Events facilitated for Uvuko Civils

Uvuko Civils Tribal Survivor Team Building

Uvuko Civils Tribal Survivor team building event at Tres Jolie in Roodepoort
The first team building event that TBAE facilitated for Uvuko Civils. With 5 hectares of property available for outdoor activities, Trés Jolie is the perfect team building venue for corporates looking for something different away from the city. The different venues on the estate at Trés Jolie as well as the beautiful manicured lawns provide the opportunity for breakaway groups coming together on the estate for activities including more people.


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