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Team Building Events facilitated for WWF SA by TBAE

WWF SA Team Building
WWF works to look after our natural resources — oceans, land and wildlife — so we can continue to benefit from food, water and a healthy climate.



Some of the Team Building Events facilitated for WWF SA

WWF SA Charity Build A Bike Team Building Stellenbosch

WWF SA Charity Build A Bike team building event at Lanzerac Hotel in Stellenbosch, Western Cape
TBAE's first Build A Bike Charity Team Building Event was facilitated for WWF SA at Lanerac Estate in Stellenbosch, Western Cape. Building the bicycles is a team effort, with each team member bringing their own talents to the process. One of the outcomes of this charity activity is an appreciation of the variety of styles each team member brings to the table. Another area of focus in this activity is the management of limited resources. Each Build a Bike team building event is unique and it will help your group develop as a team with tangible skills worked into the entire activity.

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