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TBAE’s Cooking Around the World team building activity is an excellent way for your team members to get to know each other better while working together on a common goal. This activity is great for building camaraderie and team spirit!

To start the Cooking Around the World team building activity, the facilitator will divide your group into teams using TBAE’s ice breakers. These ice breakers are designed to divide the group up in a way that ‘cliques’ are separated and new relationships formed.

The teams are then provided with; cooking equipment and utensils, a recipe, ingredients and a table on which they can work. Each team will be told which country they represent and the team will then prepare a meal from the recipe provided. The meals are all cooked in a cast iron pot over an open fire.

While the meals are cooking, teams compete against each other in a few team building exercises. Once the meals are ready they are presented for judging with points given for teamwork, colour, presentation and taste. Everybody then gets to enjoy the dishes and afterwards the winning team and runners up are announced.

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