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Cooperation Outcome Based Team Building Activities

Cooperation Outcome Based Team Building
Cooperation Team Building

Cooperation between team members are essential to any team. Often a team of highly talented individuals will perform worse than a team  of lesser talented individuals, simply because there is no cooperation within the team.

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The team building exercises under the Cooperation Outcome theme are selected to help achieve the specific objective of cooperation. Your facilitator will select the appropriate exercises from this list to match the venue and team on the day.

Cane Tower Team Building ExerciseCane Tower - Your team are lost in a bamboo forest, the only real hope is to catch the attention of people in the nearest village before nightfall. To be seen from the village, articles of clothing must be hoisted to exactly 6 metres on two separate structures...

Hover Ball team building exerciseHover Ball - With the Hover Ball team building exercise, the team is in a simulation in which they are required to transport a ‘radioactive bomb’ through a series of obstacles from the start point to the safe zone, using only the cradle provided. No-one can touch the ‘bomb’ and all the team members...

Electric Fence Team Building ExerciseElectric Fence - The aim of the challenge is for the entire team to cross from one side of the fence to the other without touching the fence line. There are two variations of this challenge a more basic version and the more advanced one, both are great for developing teamwork and trust...

Lava Flow team building exerciseLava Flow - Your team have come across a lava river, the only way to survive is to cross the river to safety. To complete the challenge, you will be provided with several platforms to use. If anyone steps on the hot lava, you will have to restart the challenge. Can you transport your whole team to safety...

Leaky Pipe Team Building ExerciseLeaky Pipe - Team’s race against the clock to try and retrieve a ping pong ball placed at the bottom of a leaky pipe. To do this they are provided with a bucket of water and several cups. Teams are required to use good teamwork and problem solving skills to complete the challenge...

Marble Motion Team Building ExerciseMarble Motion - The team is on an archaeological expedition and have been tasked with recovering precious marbles from an ancient burial chamber to a protected area. Using the tubing provided, you are required to transport these marbles from the start point through to the end of the course...

Radio Play team building exerciseRadio Play - Participants must work together in smaller teams to create and perform their own radio play – this means no acting is necessary. Once they have planned and prepared their play, they must then perform it in front of the other teams...

Missile Launch Team Building ExerciseMissile Launch - Your team have to design and build a target and two devices that can launch a missile. The devices are required to launch the missile over the target which will be set 10 metres away from the launch point. 30 minutes in to the activity you will be allowed to take two practice...

Scrap Tower Team Building ExerciseScrap Tower - Teams compete to build the highest tower that holds a weighted object off the ground for a minimum of ten seconds. Careful planning and creative thinking are essential for this fun team exercise. A newspaper and a roll of tape is all the team will receive to complete this exercise...

Scrapheap Challenge Team Building ExerciseScrapheap Challenge - Scrapheap Challenge involves a whole heap of scrap and lots of creative thinking. In this challenge, teams are tasked with building a product made of scrap to protect an egg when dropped from a height...

Traffic Jam team building exerciseTraffic Jam - Traffic Jam is a real, ‘brain buster’ that requires a lot thinking and communication. This challenge is very similar to a human chess game. The group is split in two, with both sides working together to complete the challenge. Cooperation and planning are essential to complete this task...

Spiders Web Team Building ExerciseSpiders Web - The aim of the challenge is for the whole team to travel through the web. At the moment, the web is blocking your path to safety. Be careful though, as the web is extremely poisonous and any time a team member touches the web, the challenge will be restarted...

Blindfolded Shapes Team Building ExerciseBlind Shapes - Teams are blindfolded and tasked with forming a number of geometric shapes defined by the facilitator. Participants have to put their hands in front of them and then place the length of rope in their hands.They are given a shape to create with the rope...

Blind Retriever team building exerciseBlind Retriever - In this fun and challenging blindfold activity, groups are split into smaller sub-teams and must compete against each other to try and retrieve an object. One person is blindfolded in each team and directed by a team mate to try and find the object...

All Aboard team building exerciseAll Aboard - Your team has been caught on a sinking ship and your team have managed to use the safety raft to travel to the nearest island. The Coast Guard has been notified of your situation and sent out a rescue ship. The area around the island is full of sharks and the tide is coming in quick...
Night Trail team building exerciseNight Trail - Working as a team, blindfolded participants follow a rope and try to navigate their way round a series of obstacles. Trust, support, leadership and communication is essential for this challenge. Participants must follow the rope at all times...

Human Knot Team Building ExerciseHuman Knot - Starting in a circle, participants connect hands with two others people in the group to form the human knot. As a team they must then try to unravel the “human knot” by untangling themselves without breaking the chain of hands.If the chain of hands is broken at any point...

Hole Tarp Team Building ExerciseHole Tarp - The objective of this challenge is for the team to work together to navigate a ball around a tarpaulin for as long as possible without the ball falling through a hole or off the tarp completely...

Photo Finish team building exercisePhoto Finish - The aim of the challenge is for the whole group to step across the line at exactly the same time. If one person is out of sync, then they must start over again. This activity involves planning, communication, timing and resilience...
Magic Cane Team Building ExerciseMagic Cane - Teams are given a magic cane (also known as helium stick) which they must lower to the ground, using just their index fingers. All participants must remain in contact with it at all times – what seems like a simple task, can become incredibly frustrating and funny for all involved...

Customize your team building event by adding a TBAE's Teamwork and Team Building soft skills course to your team building activity.

The word ‘team’ is widely used to describe a group of people working together on one common goal and reporting to a leader. Teamwork and team building are essential to any team. Often teams of highly talented individuals perform worse than teams of lesser talented individuals simply because they are not working effectively as a team.

Broadly speaking a team can be described as a group of people working towards one common goal. Team building is the process that enables the team to reach their goal. Team building may mean different things to different teams. It can be about creating better cohesion among team members while, in other instances, improved communication may be the main aim of team building. Team building is anything that helps to improve the performance of a team.

Teamwork is an essential part of our life, and we are often required to be a functional part of a performing team. Having a strong team is vital to the success of any project. In TBAE’s Teamwork and Team Building Workshop, participants will learn about the different aspects that make a team. They will learn ways to become top team performers and be given concepts of what makes a successful team.

In the Teamwork and Team Building Course, participants will learn about the different types of teams such as the traditional team, self-directed teams and E-teams. The course also covers the benefits and disadvantages of team building activities. Participants will be taught how to make the most of team meetings and how to solve problems as a team. Further subjects covered in the Teamwork and Team Building Course include defining success, the stages of team development, solving problems as a team and encouraging teamwork.

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Cooperation Team Building
Cooperation Team Building
Cooperation Team Building
Cooperation Team Building
Cooperation Team Building
Cooperation Team Building
Cooperation Team Building
Cooperation Team Building
Cooperation Team Building
Cooperation Team Building
Cooperation Team Building
Cooperation Team Building
Cooperation Team Building
Cooperation Team Building
Cooperation Team Building

Recent Cooperation Outcome Based Team Building Events
Distell at Arabella Hotel and Spa in Kleinmond, Overberg
Gibela Rail Transport Consortium at The Lakes Hotel in Benoni
Barclay's Life at Hunters Rest in Botswana
Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences University at St George Hotel in Pretoria
Democratic Alliance in Potchefstroom
Wits University at Wanderers Club in Johannesburg
Chatz Connect at Crowthorne Lodge in Kyalami, Midrand
Free State Cricket Union at Hadeda Creek in Parys, Free State
Lightstone Property at 42 on King Guesthouse in Centurion
DA Caucus at Nou's Toeka in Nelspruit
Gradidge-Mahura Investments in Muldersdrift
AECI at The Amazing Place in Sandton
Rand Mutual at Indaba Hotel in Fourways
Maersk Team Building at The Range in Cape Town
RCL Foods Team Building Event at Amanzingwe Lodge in Hartbeespoort

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Cooperation Events Testimonials

Distell Team Building Testimonial
Wow, what a truly lovely day and conference as a whole! Thanks again for all your efforts and for helping us out at last minute. Will definitely recommend you and your team. - Jacky - Distell


Barclays team building event testimonial
"We would like to express our most  sincere gratitude to you for all your assistance throughout .The team building was a huge success; everyone says they had so much fun .Wayne and Zuma did an amazing job as facilitators, tell them to keep up the good job!!!" Veronica Kgautlhe, Barclays Life Botswana


Sefako makgatho team building event testimonial
"But wow. Your team was awesome. Everybody has not enjoyed themselves that much. Thank and thank you again." Prof. Sophie M. Mogotlane, Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences University



Acadamia team building event testimonial
"Ek wil net by voorbaat dankie sê vir die spanbou sessie wat julle vir ons aangebied het op die 19de Januarie. Almal betrokke het dit ongelooflik baie geniet, en ek kan met sekerheid sê dat ons ons gestelde uitkomstes vir die dag bereik het." Henry Hill, Academia Residence | Stellenbosch University


Lightstone team building event testimonial
"Many thanks for the Team Building today,  It was really great and James was awesome!" Esteani Marx, Lightstone Property



Gradidge Mahura Investments team building event testimonial
"A big thank you to you and your team for our team building activity last week Friday. All our staff enjoyed the activities."
Cyril Chetty, Gradidge-Mahura Investments


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