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South Africa's own diski dance is set to get the world jiving to an African rhythm when the football World Cup arrives on the continent for the first time. The 2010 Diski Dance is taking South Africa by storm. With its unique rhythms and funky style, township football gave rise to the Diski Dance with Diski being the township lingo for soccer. Diski Dance incorporates football moves in a uniquely African way with easy to learn steps such as the header, Table Mountain, Juggle / Teka, The Bridge / Brija and Trepa. Start learning the soccer-based moves of South Africa's diski dance and you'll start feeling the rhythm of African football - and the energy and passion that's in store for the world at the 2010 World Cup.

Diski Dance Options
We offer a variety of Diski Dance packages and we will work with you to find a Diski package that suits your budget and preferences. The Diski Dance may be taught to a whole group of people at once or to smaller groups which can compete against each other once the moves have been perfected. The Diski Dance experience can also be taken out to the community.

More About Diski Dance
The Diski Dance is based on what Wendy Ramokgadi, the choreographer of the Diski Dance, calls 'our own township football style'.

Wendy Ramokgadi on the Diski Dance:

“The whole idea was that we needed to come up with something that is truly South African. Our country's football is rhythmic and so all the moves that we use in the dance are those same moves that are used on the South African football pitch, moves you can only find in our country,”

“The Diski Dance is one of the things I am most proud of, I really am excited about it. When these people come to our country, let them come and feel the rhythm of Africa. We must just work, wear, eat, sleep the Diski Dance,”

For Sugen Pillay of South African Tourism, the Diski Dance is about preparing to host the world next year:

“The concept of the Diski Dance is to show our welcoming spirit as a nation,” said Pillay. They intend to mobilise the nation through the dance, from corporate organisations and schools, to government and the general public,”

Some of the Diski Dance Moves
The header - In this move you pretend as if you are bouncing a ball on your head.The imaginary ball lands precisely where your head is with some added sexy hip-swinging movement to spice up this Diski Dance move.
Table Mountain - In this Diski Dance move one bends over to balance the imaginary ball on the back of one's neck while walking backwards.
Juggle / Teka - This Diski Dance move involves the action of passing an imaginary football from your left foot to your right foot and back again.
The Bridge / Brija - Here you are passing the non-existant ball from your left foot, over your right, and catching it again the other side.
Trepa - In this Diski Dance move you lift the imaginary ball from the back of your neck, over your head and back onto your feet.