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Laughter Games Team Building Activities in Durban

The Laughter Games team building activity in Durban has many benefits. Laughter is a powerful way to combat stress and conflict. Humor lightens burdens, connects team members to each other and inspires hope. It is an excellent resource for surmounting problems and enhancing relationships within a team. Laughter relaxes the body, boosts the immune system, releases feel good chemicals and even keeps your heart healthier......more about the Laughter Games team building activity

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Some of TBAE's Recent Laughter Games Team Building Events in Durban

Blindfolded Team Building Activity

Master Builders KZN Laughter Games Team Building Event in Durban

Master Builders has been in existence for 116 years and is recognised and respected by a wide range of role players in the building industry and beyond. The Association provides a range of services to members including training, contractual and legal assistance, occupational health and safety consulting, employee benefits schemes, member discounts and a lot more.TBAE’s Laughter Games team building activity is designed to do just what it’s name suggest, to cause laughter, a lot of laughter. In this activity teams compete against each other in a combination of team building exercises...


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