Effective Team Building Activities

Effective Team Building Activities


Team building is an organized effort to improve team effectiveness.  All members of the team must be committed to the idea in order for the effort to be effective. Team building can be indicated for any team or for a work team that is considered to be” in trouble”. Team building implies hard work that continues on after the initial training session.

The Benefits and Disadvantages

The Benefits:

  • Team building improves productivity and motivation.
  • Teams will gain and increase ability to solve problems.
  • Team building helps break down personal and political barriers and allows for rapport building.
  • The process can help level the playing field between outgoing and shy team members.
  • Participating in team building can help teams overcome performance problems.

The Disadvantages:

  • Team building requires expert facilitation in order to be successful. Not every team leader has innate facilitation skills.
  • Activities can be time-consuming for teams with a short-term charter.  And if team members are part-time, they may have conflicting feelings about the time the team building takes.
  • If several levels of management are on the team, those members may be reluctant to open up.
  • Conducting team building activities electronically or by conference cannot be as effective face-to-face sessions.
  • Some team building exercises involve touching or physical movement, which can make some people uncomfortable.

Team-Building Activities That Won’t Make People Cringe

There are many choices of activities and techniques to foster team building.  Which you choose depends upon your assessment of the team, the skill sets of the members, the amount of available time, geographical considerations or constraints, and the team’s objectives. 

Choosing a Location for Team-Building

A team building session can be intense, and often involves games or other physical exercises.  It's important, therefore, to select the location carefully to promote the best possible learning outcome.  Regardless of whether you hold your team building session on or off site, there are some important considerations to explore.


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