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Engen Petroleum Limited Team Building Event in Stellenbosch, Cape Town

Engen Petroleum Limited team building event in Stellenbosch Cape Town, facilitated and coordinated by TBAE. Click on the pictures to view bigger photos.

We had Engen Petroleum Limited for a team building session on the 18th of June at the beautiful Lanzerac Hotel & Spa in Stellenbosch, a member of Gatsby International Hotels & Resorts and listed among the most prestigious luxury hotels in the world. The activities for the event were arranged around the theme of traditional Boeresport Games. The participants had a lot of fun as they relived their childhood with games such as egg catching, sack racing, ketty shooting and tug-of-war. To make things interesting, some less traditional activities such as Sumo Wrestling and Plank Walking were added into the mix. Although a lot of fun, the activities all depended on the participants working together to accomplish a common goal.

"The teambuilding was absolutely priceless! I think my feeling echoes every one that attended! The most amazing thing about a teambuilding is that you see your perception of people just blown out the water and realise that ‘Hey, they actually have a few funny bones in their body’, or even better ‘Hey, you are human!’ The greatest thing about your teambuilding with us was that there was no time to get bored and mill around, we were kept hilariously entertained ALL the time! So once again, a very sincere Thank You to you and your team, it was fantastic!" Nea'mah Majal, Engen Petroleum Limited

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