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Escape Room Team Building Activities

Escape Room Team Building Activities Escape Room Team Building Activity


TBAE offers a variety of different themed Escape Room Team Building Activities in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Pretoria and Durban.

The short explanation of a Escape Room activity is that the participants are locked into themed rooms and they then need to work-out all the hidden clues and overcome some pressurised tasks so that they can escape the locked room before the 60-minute timer hits zero.

All our Escape Room activities allow the players to solve puzzles and riddles which in turn opens locks all within an action-packed hour. We guarantee suspense and a lot of laughter.   

Our Escape Room team building activities are not only exciting but also extremely challenging. TBAE’s customised Escape Room games are designed for groups of between 2 and 6 people irrespective of specific type of skills.  With larger groups we usually divide the total number of participants by 6.

TBAE’s Escape Room team building activities are completely mobile, and we can run the event at any venue that has enough rooms (we bring all the prop’s including locks, timers, screens, furniture etc)

The Escape Room activity helps improve the communication of team members, creating teamwork in an informal and fun environment. It is a great tool to strengthen the relationships in the team and highlights how individual decisions can be of benefit to the team.

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Escape Room Themes

Mr Zond Was Missing Escape Room Team Building ActivityMr Zond Was Missing
The House Was Empty... Agent M received communication from Mr. Zond that there was a threat. She very hastily travelled to his home, however when she got there, she was unable to find him ... or even any clues regarding the situation that he had alluded to...

Rebel with a Cause Escape Room Team Building ActivityRebel With a Cause
Watch Out! The supposed ‘humanitarian’ and ‘United Nations’ combined nuclear headquarters base is soon going to be finished with potentially devastating consequences. Your team has been given the command to stop this from happening. The stated mission is to steal the warhead...

Escape the Zombies Escape Room Team Building ActivitiesEscape the Zombies
Watch Out! The Zombies are everywhere! And they’re also hungry for …PIZZA!
You are trapped in your apartment on the 16th floor, are you able to rescue what’s left of the pizza, get the weapon, are you able to unlock and open the door, and eventually defeat the zombies?...

Ancient Treasures Escape Rooms Team Building ActivitiesAncient Treasures
You feel the ground trembling... You are a world-renowned explorer, and you have always had a love affair with Egypt. Egypt is in fact the place where your great grandfather John Parker, who of course discovered the original tomb of Tutankhamen...

Kids Time Machine EscapeKids Time Machine Escape
This child friendly Escape Game starts when you wake up in a strange place that you do not recognise. Somewhere that is entirely unexpected and all together strange...



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Testimonials About Our Escape Room Team Building Event

Imperial Logostics Team Building Testimonial"Wayne was amazing! Thank you so much! The guys had such a great time!"Belinda Sneddon, Training and Development Specialist, Imperial Logistics



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