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Engen Tribal Survivor Challenge Team Building Event in Stellenbosch, Cape Town

Engen Tribal Survivor Challenge team building event at Devon Valley in Stellenbosch Cape Town, facilitated and coordinated by TBAE. Click on the thumbnails to view bigger photos.

 TBAE regularly facilitates team building events for ENGEN. Engen focuses on downstream refined petroleum products markets  and related businesses. Engen’s core functions the refining of crude oil, provision of utility services through their extensive retail network and marketing of their primary refined petroleum products.
The Devon Valley Hotel is in a tranquil country setting with magnificent views of their own vineyards. The hotel offers 6 conference venues, which are flooded with natural light, fully air-conditioned and configurable to any seating requirement and can cater for up to 120 outside and 90 guests inside.

Tribal Survivor Challenge is a dynamic exciting and fun, interactive team building exercise based on the theme of the popular television program. The teambuilding usually starts with each team choosing a name, and then the tribe needs to come up with a War Cry that characterize this, as well as a Flag. Some of the activities include Hula Hoop Race, Bhati, Water Transfer and Model Replication.

"The teambuilding was absolutely priceless! I think my feeling echoes every one that attended! The most amazing thing about a teambuilding is that you see your perception of people just blown out the water and realise that ‘Hey, they actually have a few funny bones in their body’, or even better ‘Hey, you are human!’ The greatest thing about your teambuilding with us was that there was no time to get bored and mill around, we were kept hilariously entertained ALL the time! So once again, a very sincere Thank You to you and your team, it was fantastic!" Nea'mah Majal, Engen Petroleum Limited

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Engen Tribal Survivor Challenge Team Building Event in Stellenbosch, Cape Town
Tribe receiving their colours
Putting on the tribe colours
Red tribe receiving their colours
Red tribe drawing their flag
Creating the tribe flag
Painting war faces
Face painting
Team member getting his face painted
Blue team war cry
Red tribe war cry
Blue tribe enjoying the team building event
Fun and laughter
Red team war cry
Water transfer team building exercise
Blue tribe transferring water
Red tribe tranferring the water
Plank walk team building exercise
Red tribe doing the plankwalk activity
Blue tribe doing the plankwalk activity
Incubator team building exercise
Blue team doing the incubator exercise
Incubator team building activity
Team work
Red Tribe working together