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Eskom Team Building Event in Durbanville, Cape Town

Eskom Amazing Race and Hitting the Target team building event at Ruslamere in Durbanville Cape Town, facilitated and coordinated by TBAE. Click on the thumbnails to view bigger photos.

Eskom recently held a full day corporate team building event at Ruslamere Guest House, Spa & Conference Centre. They chose the Amazing Race activity is the morning and the Hitting the Target event in the afternoon. They had a lunch in between the activities and finished the day with a meeting in the conference room.
The day started with TBAE’s side-splitting ice breakers before the teams were chosen, and the main activities started.

The Amazing Race consisted of finding certain landmarks from cryptic clues before returning to “base camp” and completing an activity before being given the next clue. Some of the destinations where on the property while others where outside where the participants walked (and ran on occasion).  The race was extremely close with the early leaders “The Blue Bulls” falling behind in the second last adventure before eventually overtaking the other teams on the last activity to be crowned the Amazing Race champions.

After lunch,  the delegates participated in a “two truths and a lie” activity where the group needed to decide which was the lie and truth’s amongst the statements made. The delegates got dressed up for this, which in itself created a lot of laughter.

The last activity of the day was the Hitting the Target which comprised of kattie shooting and sling-shot shooting amongst others. The “Green Tea” team won a closely contested activity.

Some of the Individual Team Building Activities included in this event : Model Replication, Mini Raft Building, Marble Run, Magic Carpet, Hula Hoop Down, Marshmallow Tower, Catty Shooting, Ball Launcher

"I just want to thank you very much for the awesome day our team had with the team build day. Everything went well we enjoyed our games and the menu was divine."
Chantel, Eskom

Eskom Team Building Event in Durbanville, Cape Town
Zoob Team Building Exercise
Plankwalk Team Building Exercise
Looking for the Amazing Race Clues
Looking for Clues at the Pool
Marble Run Team Building Exercise
Magic Carpet Team Building Exercise
Hoola Hoop Down Team Building Exercise
Solving the Puzzle
Marshmallow Tower Team Building Exercise
Dressing up for the fashion show
Enjoying the dress up
Ketty Shooting Team Building Exercise
Throwing Arm Team Building Exercise
Enjoying the Hitting the Target Team Building Activity