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Faculty Training Institute Team Building Event in Stellenbosch, Cape Town

Faculty Training Institute Minute to Win It and Creative Construction team building event at Lanzerac Hotel & Spa in Stellenbosch Cape Town, facilitated and coordinated by TBAE. Click on the thumbnails to view bigger photos.

Faculty Training Institute began as a partnership of lecturers offering part-time training in Cape Town, it has grown to become a prominent and successful organisation at the heart of skills development in key knowledge skills in South Africa.

With so many indoor and outdoor venues to choose from for your team building event, Lanzerac is not a venue to be overlooked. The excellent venue and beautiful surroundings lends a hand to hosting successful and unique high-profile product launches and events. Added features include ample parking, access to wide open roads and accessible helipad.

The Creative Construction team building event emphasises the importance of creativity, teamwork and planning in the workplace through a number of challenges involving construction or building.

The Minute to Win It team building activity is based on the popular television program. In this event, participants need to complete a series of challenges within one minute. This is one of TBAE’s most popular indoor activities and allows for fantastic team participation, laughter and joy.

Some of the Individual Team Building Activities used in this event : This Blows, Tilt A Cup, Marshmallow Tower, Penny Hose, Back Flip, Dizzy Mummy, Ready Spaghetti, Nutstacker, Minefield, Hidden Bridge, Model Replication

Faculty Training Institute Team Building Event in Stellenbosch, Cape Town
This Blows Minute to Win It Game
Back Flip Minute to Win It Game
Minute to Win It Team Building Exercise
Working together to pick up can with spaghetti
Tilt a Cup Minute to Win It Game
Completing the Tilt a Cup Challenge
More Tilt a Cup Challenges
Showing the team how it is done
Zoob building exercise
Team building their model together
Team work is required
Team posing with their completed model
Proudly displaying their model
Penny Hose Minute to Win It Game
Competing against each other in the Penny House game
Rapid Fire Minute to Win It Game
Caddy Stack Minute to Win It Game
Dizzy Mummy Minute to Win It Game
Doing the Dizzy Mummy
Creative Construction Team Building Activity
Working as a team on their construction
Trying to build the highest tower
Building their tower
Marble Run Team Building Exercise
Blindfolded Minefield Team Building Exercise
Crossing the Minefield
Guiding the team mate through the minefield
Blindfolded Minefield