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La Dolce Vita Guest House Amazing RaceTeam Building Event in Hartbeespoortdam

La Dolce Vita Guest House Amazing Race team building event at La Dolce Vita Guest House in Hartbeespoortdam, facilitated and coordinated by TBAE. Click on the thumbnails to view bigger photos.

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TBAE facilitated an Amazing Race Team Building Event for one of our venue partners, La Dolce Vita Guest House next to Hartbeespoortdam. Here, you will find our tranquil oasis infused with the fresh breezes of air and earth, where extensive views stretch across luminous expanses of water, enjoyed from the serenity of the traditional stonework, el fresco verandahs sweeping stairs and luxury rooms.

La Dolce Vita is the perfect executive team building and conferencing retreat for corporate teams of up to 30 business professionals. While you are there, your company means as much to them as each individual does to you! Let them spoil and pamper you while simultaneously creating a memorable experience your company.

The Amazing Race activity is a venue specific activity and varies from venues. Although each venue is different the framework of the event remains similar. Each group is provided with various clues relating to finding each check-in point. Some of the check-in points have activities and others the team need to prove that they located that particular point.

Some of the team building exercise included in this event: Hula Hoop Races, Water Transfer, Bhati

La Dolce Vita Guest House Teambuilding in Hartbeespoortdam
Team Building Ice Breakers
Preparing for Team Building
Team Building Fun
Team Building War Cry
Team Building Warcies
Team Building - Hula Hoop Race
Team building action
Team Building Hula Hoop Racing
Team Building Hartbeespoortdam
Amazing Race Teambuilding
Water Transfer Team Building
Team Building with Water
Bhati Team Building Exercise
Bhati Team Building Activity
Water Transfer Team Building Exercise
Bhati Team Building
Team Building La Dolce Vita Guest House
Team Building Fun