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Old Mutual Art Workshop Team Building Event in Cape Town

Old Mutual Art Workshop team building event at Old Mutual House Constantia in Cape Town, facilitated and coordinated by TBAE. Click on the thumbnails to view bigger photos.

TBAE recently provided the Art Workshop Team Building activity for Old Mutual. Old Mutual has provided financial security and sustenance to individuals and businesses for over 168 years. Old Mutual South Africa serves all sectors and elements of the South African economy by providing services and products that are relevant, affordable and accessible. They provide asset management, savings, investment, life assurance, banking and casualty & property insurance in Africa, Europe, Asia the Americas and, with over 57 000 employees and around 16 million customers.

Old Mutual’s Art Workshop Team Building took place in Constantia, Cape Town, at Old Mutual House. With a selection of conference facilities and meeting rooms, Old Mutual House can host up to 80 people with ease. From black-tie evenings to garden parties, or a team building venue.

In the Art Workshop Team Building activity, participants are divided into teams and each team is given a separate canvas to work on. All the canvasses are combined at the end of the exercise to create one piece of art. Large groups can participate in this activity as the size of a group is only limited to the number of canvasses.

Old Mutual Art Workshop Team Building Event in Cape Town
Working together on their part of the painting
Great event for a team to get to know each other
Each group works on a seperate part of the painting
Gey the creativity flowing
Drawing the picture first
Having fun at the Art Workshop
Beautiful setting for the Old Mutual Art Workshop
TBAE supplies all the art materials
Group enjoying the creative work
TBAE Facilitator assisting
Finishing of their part of the painting
Getting creative
Relaxed and social team building activity
Mixing the paint to get the right colours
Finished panel
Finished work for Autumn part
Finishing their part of the painting
Finished Painting - Another sucessful Art Workshop