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Samancor Ferrometals Minute To Win It Team Building Event in Mpumalanga

Samancor Ferrometals Minute To Win It team building event in Mpumalanga, facilitated and coordinated by TBAE. Click on the thumbnails to view bigger photos.

Samancor is a progressive, innovative company which, along with making a significant contribution to the South African economy and mining sector, is actively striving to be an employer of choice. This was the second of four team buildings TBAE facilitated for Samancor Ferrometals in Mpumalanaga. They selected the Minute to Win it themed team building for all four events. TBAE also incorporated some fun activities such as The Unknown Route and Model Replication in some of the events. The Minute to Win It team building activity is based on the popular television program. In this event, participants need to complete a series of challenges within one minute. This is one of TBAE’s most popular indoor activities and allows for fantastic team participation, laughter and excitement. Some of the team building exercise included in this event: This Blows, Tilt- A-Cup, Movin On Up, Ready Spaghetti, The Nutstacker, Backflip, Noodlin' Around, Face The Cookie.

Ice Breakers
Team Building Ice Breaker This Blows Minute To Win It This Blows Penny Hose
Minute To Win It Penny Hose
Tilt A Cup Tilt A Cup Minute To Win It Team Building Samancor Ferrometals TBAE