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Maersk Cooperation Outcome Based and Sports Day Team Building Event in Cape Town

Maersk Cooperation Outcome Based and Sports Day team building event at The Range Team Building Venue in Cape Town facilitated and coordinated by TBAE. Click on the thumbnails to view bigger photos.

The Maersk Group is an integrated transport & logistics company with multiple brands and is a global leader in container shipping and ports. Including a stand-alone Energy division, the Maersk Group employs roughly 88.000 employees across operations in 130 countries.

This team building for Maersk was hosted at The Range Team Building Venue in Cape Town. The Range is tucked between the wine lands of Constantia Valley and the woodlands of Tokai Forest, offering two venues with spectacular views. Maersk selected TBAE's Cooperation Outcome Based event. Cooperation between team members are essential to any team. Often a team of highly talented individuals will perform worse than a team  of lesser talented individuals, simply because there is no cooperation within the team. TBAE’s Sports Day team building activity consists of various sports related team building exercises. This activity is generally for the more active and is bound to get the competitive juices flowing. The Sports Day team building activity is great fun for spectators and participators alike.This event included the team building activities Marble Run, Leaky Pipe, Lava Flow, Volleyball, Penalty Shootout, Pendulum Walk and Bucket Challenge.

Maersk Team Building Cape Town
Team Building in Cape Town
Marble Run
Marble Run Team Building Activity
Marble Run Team Building Exercise
Team Building Tokai
Team Building Cape Town
Lave Flow
Leaky Pipe
Leaky Pipe Team Building Activity
Leaky Pipe Team Building Exercise
Bucket Challenge
Bucket Challenge Team Building Activity
Bucket Challenge Team Building Exercise
Team Building Western Cape
Team Building South Africa
Team Building SA
Team Building Activities with Water
Team Building Exercises with Water
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Pendulum Walk
Pendulum Walk Team Building Activity
Pendulum Walk Team Building Exercise
Sports Day Team Building
The Team Building at The Range
Cooperation Team Building
Fun Team Building
Penalty Shootout
Penalty Shootout Team Building Activity
Penalty Shootout Team Building Exercise
Volleyball Team Building
Sports Team Building
Outdoor Team Building