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Cornwall Hill College Trust Outcome Based Team Building Event in Pretoria

Cornwall Hill College Trust Outcome Based team building event in Pretoria facilitated and coordinated by TBAE. Click on the thumbnails to view bigger photos.

Cornwall Hill College’s educational philosophy entails the creation of a solid foundation for its pupils by providing ample opportunities and exceptional facilities for them to excel in academic, sporting and cultural spheres, while still retaining traditional values of honesty, integrity, compassion and responsibility.

This Trust Outcome Based team building was facilitated at Cornwall Hill College. People tend to only trust people that they know and understand. When you first start a team, it is important that you share your background with the team. Encourage the team to also share information about themselves and create opportunities for the team to socialize together. This team building event included team building activities such as Hula Hoop Race, Blindfolded Collection, Sack Races and Tug of War

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