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Idexx Laboratories Amazing Race and Murder Mystery Team Building Event in Bela-Bela

Idexx Laboratories Amazing Race and Murder Mystery team building event at Mabula Game Lodge in Bela-Bela, Limpopo Province facilitated and coordinated by TBAE. Click on the thumbnails to view bigger photos.

Idexx Laboratories contacted TBAE to facilitate a team build for them at Mabula Game Lodge in Bela-Bela, Limpopo Province. Idexx Laboratories provide innovative diagnostics and technologies for better veterinary care and safer food and water.

At Mabula Game Lodge, revel in the sheer variety of animal, bird and plant life; the diverse landscapes ranging from grassland plains to rocky outcrops creating an ideal habitat for the free roaming Big Five and all the little creatures that contribute to a magical wildlife experience you’ll never forget.

With TBAE's Walk on the Wild Side Amazing Race team building activity, teams are provided with various clues relating to finding each “check-in” point. Some of the “check-in” points have activities and at others the team need to “prove” that they located that specific point. The teams need to find the “check-in” points in the correct sequence which are hidden in different locations throughout the venue.

TBAE’s Murder Mystery team building activity is an entertaining way for your team to get to know each other as they work together to solve the mystery.

After the group was divided into teams and participated in a team building ice-breaker, they need to create their team flag for the team building exercises such as Pendulum Walk. At the Murder Mystery, the "suspects" got into character and portrayed their character scripts and it was up to the investigators to question the "suspects" and solve the murder mystery.

After a team building activity Marble Tube, the groups worked together to solve the clues and reach their checkpoints in TBAE's Walk on The Wild Side Amazing Race team build.

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