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Personal Trust Drumming, Laughter Games and Murder Mystery Team Building Event in Cape Town

Personal Trust Drumming, Laughter Games and Murder Mystery team building event at Monkey Valley Resort in Cape Town facilitated and coordinated by TBAE. Click on the thumbnails to view bigger photos.

Personal Trust is a client focused trust and investment management company that is dedicated to consistently delivering professional service and sustainable financial rewards to their clients. Personal Trust offers a full range of financial services, providing their clients with the convenience and comfort of having their business affairs conducted under one roof.

TBAE facilitated a trio of themed team building activities for Personal Trust including Murder Mystery, Drumming and Laughter Games. The team build was facilitated at Monkey Valley Resort in Cape Town which is nestled within the Milkwood forest at the foot of Chapman’s Peak, Noordhoek. The resort has an unrivaled view of the Noordhoek beach and nature reserve. Monkey Valley was built with a sustainable environmentally friendly ethos in order to preserve the natural beauty of the area.

TBAE’s Murder Mystery team building activity is an entertaining way for your team to get to know each other as they work together to solve the mystery.
Our Murder Mystery games are usually played over a meal but can be just as effective without it. The meal can range from simple snacks or even breakfast to five course meals (depending on your budget) and will be provided by the venue that you choose. Some possible outcomes of the Murder Mystery team building activity include teamwork, communication, leadership, cooperation, goal setting, creative thinking, decision making, problem solving, resilience, time management and trust.

For the Drumming activity, TBAE uses African Djembe drums to create musical sounds of any genre by striking the head of the drum to play different tones called slap, bass & ping. When a group plays together, it is called Djembefola because we play different rhythms at the same time creating authentic traditional and modern music through the drums. Often this inspires people to dance spontaneously to the great rhythms played. Drumming is beneficial for communication, hand coordination, listening and creating. Creating rhythms together naturally promotes teamwork.

TBAE’s Laughter Games team building activity is designed to do just what it’s name suggest, to cause laughter, a lot of laughter. In this activity teams compete against each other in a combination of team building exercises, especially chosen because of the fun and laughter they create.

Laughter and playful communication, strengthen relationships by fostering emotional connections and positive feelings between team members.  Being able to laugh, play and have fun together makes being part of a team more enjoyable and helps the team to solve problems, connect with each other and be more creative. Playing with a problem can often lead to a creative learning opportunity. Humor will give your team a new perspective that is more relaxed, creative, positive, balanced and joyful.

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