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ETV Outcome Based Team Building Event in Cape Town

ETV Outcome Based team building event in Green Point, Cape Town facilitated and coordinated by TBAE. Click on the thumbnails to view bigger photos.

Outcome Based Team Building facilitated for a group from ETV at Green Point Park in Cape Town, Western Cape. e.tv is South Africa’s favourite free-to-air television channel providing broad appeal programming spanning all age, race and income groups across 80.5% of the South African population. e.tv’s remarkable growth has seen it become a major force in the South African broadcasting industry. e.tv embraces a digital future by having a presence on terrestrial television and online. 

TBAE’s specific outcome based team building activities are geared towards the participants achieving specific learning outcomes from the team building event. Learning outcomes are statements that describe what a participant will be able to do as a result of the activity. Clearly stated learning outcomes help team members understand what is expected of them and helps the facilitator to focus on precisely what you want your team to achieve by the end of the team building event.

The outcome based team building activities are designed with the end goal in mind. The team building exercises under each theme are selected to help achieve the specific objective of the theme, for example problem solving or communication skills. We offer outcome based team building activities throughout South Africa including Johannesburg, Cape Town, Pretoria and Durban.

“Your professionalism, your personality and just all round friendliness made everything SUCH A HUGE SUCCESS!!! I appreciate every effort you’ve put in to making everyday a massive WIN!!!” - Jerome, e.tv

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