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Leaky Pipe Team Building Exercise

Team’s race against the clock to try and retrieve a ping pong ball placed at the bottom of a leaky pipe. To do this they are provided with a bucket of water and several cups. Teams are required to use good teamwork and problem solving skills to complete the challenge.

Participants will need to work together using the cups to carry the water from the bucket to the pipe, fill it and float the table tennis ball to the top. The pipe has holes drilled in it, so they will have to plug the holes as the water gets higher.

To complete the challenge, each team will receive a bucket of water (which is placed 10 metres away from the pipe) and several cups. They must work together to fill the pipe with water and collect the ball from the top of the pipe. Teams cannot tip the pipe upside down. The bucket of water cannot be moved, the only way to transport the water is through the cups provided.

Leaky Pipe Team Building Exercise


Suggested Learning Outcomes

  • Communication
  • Cooperation
  • Leadership
  • Problem Solving

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