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Minute to Win It Games

Minute to Win It Games

Minute To Win It Games are challenges that need to be completed using everyday household objects such as elastic bands, paper cups, empty cans, balloons and toilet paper. 

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A Bit Dicey - To complete the game, 6 dice must be stacked one on top of the other on the Popsicle stick within the 60- second time limit.

Baby Blockin - The contestant is supposed to stack 5 children’s building blocks on a plate. This plate is kept on the contestant’s head. The building blocks as well as the plate need to be balanced on the contestant’s head for at least 3 seconds.

Baby Rattle - Baby Rattle is one of those Minute To Win It Activities that is harder than it looks. Strong hands and patience is the name of the game for this game. Transfer all the gumballs inside the empty soda bottle into another empty soda bottle. Be careful not to get them jammed between the necks of the two bottles.

Ball Cap - Ball Cap is a game where you have a bowl of Golf Balls and ten glass bottles in front of you with bottle caps placed upside on their nozzle. You must drop the Golf Ball onto the Bottle cap, and try to displace the bottle cap and land it on the nozzle. This must be done either 3 or 5 times.

Beach Tennis - This is a two player game where flippers are used as racquets. By passing the ball between each other, the ball needs to travel a distance and guided into a container.

Brush with Danger - Players on the same team stand on the opposite ends of the room. They each hold an end of some dental floss in each hand. They use this to balance a toothbrush between them. In the middle of the players, there is a cup on a chair. The goal is to move the toothbrush to the middle, right above the cup and drop it in.

Bucket Head - Bucket Head consists of the player throwing ping pong balls at a wall to have them bounce into a bucket fixed to their head.

Bite Me - In this minute to win it game the contestant must raise five paper bags of varying sizes off the ground using only their mouth and place them on podiums.

Bridge The Gap - Bridge The Gap requires the player to use playing cards to literally bridge the gap between two books and support the playing card box.

Blind Ball - Blind Ball is a minute to win it game where the player is blindfolded and spun around twice.The player must locate and grab two out of four balls placed on podiums of various heights around the stage.

Blow Ball - In Blow Ball, the player must blow 73 red ping pong balls off a pizza tray to have only 3 yellow ones remaining on the tray.

Bobble Head - The goal of this minute to win it game is to move your head so you can reach 125 on a pedometer placed on a headband.

Bottoms Up - In this Minute to Win It game, the contestant tries to knock down 4 cans placed at 4 different tables with the help of a yo-yo. The challenge in this game is that the yo-yo is tied on the belt of the player on their backside. With the help of the momentum given to the waist, the player must swing the yo-yo and knock off the cans.

Breakfast Scramble - Breakfast Scramble is a game where contestants race to put together a puzzle of 20 pieces that were cut up from a cereal box.

Broomski Ball - The arcade classic altered for Minute To Win It. The contestant must roll tennis balls over a broom handle in order to pop them up in the air and into a set of three baskets.

Bulb Balance - In Bulb Balance, the player must place an egg on to of a lightbulb twice using only strategically placed salt for support.

Caddy Stack - Caddy Stack is a precision game where the players will need to carefully analyse golf balls and their dimples to be able to successfully complete this activity. The secret is to get the golf balls to be leaning on their tiny dimples in order to remain stable. What makes it even more difficult is that three golf balls need to be stacked on top of one another to win the game.

Candelier - In one minute, players must stack cans and plates into a reverse pyramid – 1 can, plate, 2 cans, plate, 3 cans, plate, 4 cans, plate, 5 cans, plate!

Candy Elevator - The participant needs to make a pulley by putting strings around the ears. The strings have a pencil as the base, with a line of three candies. These candies have to be raised to the mouth and eaten to complete the challenge within a minute. Eating candies just got a bit difficult, didn’t it?

Cantagious - Transfer stacks of cans from one hand to the other without setting them down. Start with 3 empty cans in one hand, and 3 full cans in the other. The player must exchange the stack of cans from the left hand to the right hand and vice versa.

Card Ninja - It is easy to play this game, all you have to do is toss/throw the card into the watermelon and make sure the players stand before the foul line if someone sticks a card into the watermelon within one minute won the game. lt depends on the game procedure if how many desired watermelon to be used and stick a card into it.

CD Dominoes - In CD Dominoes, the player must put up 20 CD cases similar to the dominoes and have them land in a metal bucket. Stand 20 empty CD cases on a table in a horseshoe formation. Set them off using a domino effect so that the final case falls off the table.

Chop Stack - Chop Stack requires the player to stack 4 lip balm tubes vertically in a stack using chopsticks. Each player has a set number of chapstick tubes in front of them. With the aid of chopsticks, the players need to pick the tubes up one by one. The objective here is to place the tubes on top of each other, creating a tower. The players can only do this using their chopsticks, however.

Chocolate Unicorn - You must stack 6 chocolate ding dong snack cakes on your forehead. Lean your head back in order to stack six chocolate donuts or snack cakes on your forehead in one minute, then keep them stacked for 15 seconds.

Christmas Ball - Move the Christmas ornament into a marked area using only wind power from a box. To play, you must use a gift-wrapped box (about the size of a shirt box) as a fan to move around Christmas ornament across the floor and into a marked square.

Christmas Ball Conveyor - Christmas Ball Conveyor is played with two people. They stand, facing each other, at a distance to be determined by how difficult you wish the challenge to be. A ribbon is wrapped around both players’ waists, creating a loop surrounding them both. The first player has a bowl with Christmas ornaments on hooks as well as a small Christmas tree beside him. To play the game, the first player hooks an ornament on the ribbon. The two players must then spin in tandem in order to move the ornament all the way around the ribbon, ending up back with the first player, who must then hang it on the tree.

Christmas Cliffhanger - Christmas Cliffhanger requires the player to blow a greeting card on a table and have it land on the edge, hanging. The contestant stands on the opposite side of the table and blows the card to the edge of the table so that one of the edges of the card is left hanging over the table. You have 60 seconds.

Christmas in the Balance - Christmas in the Balance is played in pairs. Place an empty wrapping paper tube on a table or on the floor, and balance a yardstick on top of the tube. Each of the two players has five Christmas tree ornaments of equal size and weight. Standing on opposite sides of the yardstick, players must work together to hang all five ornaments on their side of the yardstick without toppling the structure. If the structure falls the game is over. Players must hang 10 ornaments on a yardstick that sits atop an upright wrapping paper tube in 1 minute.

Christmas Jingle - Christmas Jingle requires a bit of prep work before playing. 11 glasses must be filled with varying amounts of water, tuned so that they play the notes of the first line of the Christmas song Jingle Bells when tapped with a metal spoon. Place the prepared glasses in random order on a table. To play the game, the contestant must rearrange the glasses in the proper order to play the song.

Clipper - This is the Minute To Win It version of Pinball. The player must roll ping pong balls down a slanted table using binder clips as bumpers to guide the ping pong balls into a row of open binder clips waiting below.

Coffee Topper - Coffee Topper requires the player to drop a CD 3 feet and flat on a plastic cup. Each contestant is provided with a stack of CDs that is placed on a table. On the ground, there is a coffee mug. The participants must drop one CD at a time onto the coffee mug. They will need to do this from a height of at least three feet. They will need to make sure that one CD falls and remains flat on the top of the mug.

Cyclone - Contestant must spin one marble inside a two-liter bottle [for three bottles] that have been placed upside down, all three marbles must be spinning at the same time in order to win.

Deck The Balls - Deck the Balls is another minute to win it game for teams of two. Using an empty wrapping paper tube, the first player uses suction from his mouth to lift an ornament with the tube, and transfer it to the second player. The second player must receive the ornament in the same fashion (with a wrapping paper tube and suction), and then hang it on an awaiting string (hung in a clothesline fashion). To win this game, players must hang three ornaments using this method in one minute or less.

Defying Gravity - Using only one hand, players must keep two balloons from touching the ground for one minute. For a more challenging game, increase the amount to three balloons per player (and use different colored balloons for each player to make it easy to differentiate!). No holding the balloons!  2 players per round of competition worked well to give the players ample space to knock their balloons around.

Dental Cap - The player must pick up a toothbrush by its bristles using a baseball cap rim and transfer from one holder to another. This must be performed twice.

Do You Hear What I Hear - Using the lift, rattle, and listen to the method, you must arrange 7 gift boxes filled with different quantities of jingle bells in ascending order from 5 bells to 35 bells.

Don’t blow The Joker - Simply set the deck of cards to face down on the bottle with the joker being on the bottom of the pile face up. The contestant will gently blow the deck of cards and try to keep the joker on top.

Double Trouble - Each player must hold two ping pong balls in one hand. On a long table, in front of them, there are two cups. Each of the participants must drop the ping pong balls onto the table and have it bounce once. The ping pong balls need to be directed towards the cup. One ball must fall inside each cup.

Drop Ball - Drop Ball is one of those Minute to Win It games that is really simple in concept. Drop a ball from a short distance to land in a giant water bottle. What you’ll find when you actually attempt it is that golf balls have a habit of not going where they’re meant to.

Drop Sink and Clink - Five shot glasses are resting at the bottom of five fish bowls filled with water. Your goal is to drop a quarter into each one of the shot glasses in 60 seconds.

Drop Zone - In this challenge, the contestant will guide a ball along a track made of two strings, then at the perfect moment relax the strings causing the ball to fall and land into a drop zone bucket below. This must be repeated with each of the three buckets.

Egg Tower - Your goal with this game is to end up with a free-standing tower consisting of four paper towel rolls and four eggs.

Egg Zone - The object of the game is to balance the egg on top of the football (longways).  This is done for all four sets.

Extreme Nutstacker - A variation on The Nutstacker, Extreme Nutstacker requires the player to build a tower of 10 metal nuts, using only a chopstick, but this time on a cutting board held on their hands.

Face The Gingerbread Man - Move one to three Gingerbread Man cookies from your forehead to your mouth without using only your facial muscles.

Flip Your Lid - The player needs to flip as many plastic cups onto the mouth of a bottle placed one foot away.

Floatacious - When the one-minute timer starts, place the paper plate in the bowl and stack all five cans on top of it. The cans must all be stacked on top of the plate, in the bowl of water, before the timer finishes.

Flying Gumball Saucers - In this challenge, you must slide a frisbee to hit an aluminum can with a gumball on it so that the gumball drops into the frisbee.

Frankenstein - The Frankenstein minute to win it game requires the player, with arms outstretched, to pick up 3 yardsticks from different stations with D-batteries balanced on their sides and carry them to the start line without dropping any batteries.

Fish Head - Place a lampshade on your head using only a fishing rod, while blindfolded, in 60 seconds or less.

Hanky Panky - Each person must sit with one hand behind their back. They must empty all the tissues out of the kleenex box using only one hand as quickly as they can or within one minute.

High Roller - In High Roller, the contestant must use a Yahtzee cup to stack dice into stacks of 3, 4, and 5 using only centrifugal force.

High Strung - Use a string tied into a loop to pick up and transfer one egg, from the top of one large bottle to the top of another large soda bottle.

Holiday Hustle - Holiday Hustle is played with two people. Each person has a yardstick attached to her waist at the back. Wrap a length of ribbon around the end of one of the yardsticks. Attach the end of the ribbon to the end of the other yardstick. To play, the players stand facing each other with enough distance between them so that the ends of their yardsticks meet up. Using only their hips, they must wind the ribbon from one yardstick to the other.

Holiday Kiss - Holiday Kiss requires teams of two to play. Two clothesline-style strings are hung, using whatever distance between them that you like. The farther apart they are the more difficult the game will be. Hang some Christmas ornaments from one of the strings. To play, the team must place their lips on either side of one of the ornaments and move it to the other string using only their lips. Three ornaments must be successfully transferred in this manner within the time limit in order to win the game.

Hoop De Loop - The player stands with the hula hoop before the clock starts. Three soda bottles are filled with water and set up in a triangle (one in the front and two behind and flanking the first). When the clock starts, the player attempts to roll the hula hoop in such a way that it travels to the soda bottles and “rings” them.

Hows It Hangin - Each participant will tie a string around their waist and then connect the string that is left hanging to a banana. The objective is to use the banana to nudge two oranges into a hoop that is a certain distance away. The players are only allowed to move their hips to get the banana to swing forward.

Horseplay - The contestant must blow colored ping-pong balls along an inclined table to land them on corresponding horseshoes.

Hung With Care - Players must hang three candy canes on the string by their tips – not on the actual hook, but the small area at the very end of the hook.

Hut Hut Hike - Bend over and hike toilet paper rolls between your legs and through a hoop 15 feet away.

Iron Board Man - Two people maneuver opposite ends of an ironing board in an attempt to land a marble in one of three designated holes.

Johnny Applestack - In this game, the player needs to use the unique grooves of each apple and stack five on top of each other.

Jingle in the Trunk - This is a little bit more of a challenging version of Junk in the Trunk minute to win it game. Players do have empty tissue boxes strapped to their waists, behind them. Instead of ping pong balls, there are jingle bells stored in the boxes. Using the only movement, the players need to empty out the boxes.

Junk in the Trunk - Wiggle a box filled with ping pong balls and attached to your waist until the box is empty in under 60 seconds.

Ka-Broom - Drop a broom onto a paper plate, catapulting a marshmallow into the air, then catch it in a cup. Plates hang halfway off the table, with the marshmallow centered on the portion of the plate resting on the table. The foul line is 7 feet from plates. You must catch 3 in the cup.

Keep It Up - Keep your head up, eyes open, and a steady stream of air coming through your mouth as you attempt to keep two feathers airborne for a full sixty seconds. The game’s premise is deceptively simple. This is a really difficult game to complete. Try to synchronize the feathers so that they’re not both coming at you at the same time, and don’t blow so hard that you’ll be gasping for breath after fifteen seconds have passed.

Keep The Change - Keep the change requires fast hands to swipe a dollar bill out from under a coin stack which is balanced on the rim of a glass and making sure the coins stay balanced after that.

Kick Off - The contestant is supposed to kick at least 4 empty cans into a bucket to win this challenge.

Knock It Off - Using a spinning ball of yarn, the player must bring down 4 out of 5 soda cans perched on various heights.

Layin’ Track - The contestant must place clips of staples to form a track on a slanted table, going over three sections of erasers. Then they roll a marble down the track in hopes that it lands in a glass 12 feet away.

Lollipop - Build a lollipop with metal nuts, a straw, and a ping pong ball. The players are given a straw and a ping pong ball balanced on a stack of metal nuts on a tray. First, they have to get the metal pole to stand upright. Then, they need to place the metal nuts on the pole. Once the ping pong ball is balanced on the pole, the players need to move the nuts to the bottom of the bowl carefully.

Loner - Set the pencil standing up at 15 feet away. Roll the marbles and knock the pencil down in one minute to win.

Mad Dog - The Mad Dog is an extremely fun game that will make contestants look really ridiculous. To get started, you will need 2 Tic-Tac boxes, a ruler and a glue. The player must move his head sideways and up and down in order to empty two TicTac containers before the time is up.

Mag Nutstacker - An adaptation of the classic Minute To Win It Game, The Nutstacker. Using a chopstick, alternate between picking up nuts and magnets on a hanging chain before transporting them to their final destination.

Magic Carpet Ride - The contestant must slide across the 60-second circle on a carpet in motion like an inchworm. The contestant will also try to avoid obstacles. If they touch an obstacle, the game is over.

Marbles Grande Ride - Five red ping pong balls are placed inside a hula hoop with a 5-foot radius drawn around it. Players can move anywhere around the wider circle, throwing white ping pong balls, trying to knock the red ones out.

Matchmaker - Players must sort candies hidden under cups, one at a time, by running them around the playing area to the corresponding storage cup. Pick up 1 of 18 plastic cups on a center table and place the small candy from under that cup into 1 of 3 glasses placed around the outer rim of the stage. Object is to get 6 of each colored candy into the 3 glasses. Glasses are placed in a circle around table 8 feet away.

Mega Bubble - The contestant has to blow bubbles and move it across the room by blowing on them. One bubble needs to be successfully transported from point 1 to point 2 and through a hula hoop to win the challenge.

Merry Fishmas - Players must use Candy Canes as fishing hooks and hook four candy canes on top of each other. To play this game, you’ll need a large candy cane, some small candy canes, and a chopstick. And you can play the game with two or more players. Hang 4 smaller candy canes over the edge of the table and let the game begin. Tie a large candy cane to the end of the chopstick and make each player hold the other end of the chopstick from their mouth. The player who hooks all 4 candy canes in a minute will win the game.

Mouth to Mouth - Mouth to Mouth requires the player to snatch a dollar bill between two glass bottles. Four empty glass bottles stand upright, each cover by a single dollar bill, and topped with an inverted bottle. In a test of focus friction and speed, the player must snatch at least one dollar bill from the bottle towers, without them toppling over.

Movin’ On Up - To win Movin’ On Up, players must take one cup from the top of the stack and move it to the bottom with one hand, then repeat the process with the other hand. The game continues in this way until the red cup has gone through the entire stack of cups and resumes its original place at the bottom.

Nervous Nelly - Register 500 on pedometers attached to the arms and legs. The player has pedometers strapped to both their hands as well as both of their legs. Once the timer starts, they need to move their limbs around as much as possible. A combined total of 500 are required within the time limit.

Nimble Thimble - Glass marbles need to be bounced into thimbles that are only 15 millimeters in diameter, and this needs to be done six times. That’s just 10 seconds of time per thimble. There is a row of thimbles in front of each participant. They are standing upright with the hollow part of the thimble visible. The players also have a bowl of small balls or marbles. They need to bounce these balls on the table and have them land in the 6 thimbles. Once it has landed in the first thimble, the player can move onto the next one.

Noodling Around - The player must collect uncooked penne pasta noodles along a strand of spaghetti using only their mouths.

Nose Dive - The goal is to transfer cotton balls from one bowl to another. In order to do this, you’ll be using only your nose, which has been dunked in petroleum jelly.

Octopus - Remove a ribbon from an upside-down water bottle without knocking the bottle over.

Office Dominoes - Office Dominoes is a challenge that requires the player to stack 11 rims of paper similarly to dominoes and knocks them down to trigger a bell.

Office Fling - The player uses a rubber band between the legs of an overturned office chair as a slingshot. The player must then launch and land a single sheet of folded paper on a desk 12 feet away.

Office Maximus - The participant has to bounce a giant rubber band ball on the ground such that it knocks off 3 reams of copy paper off a table. The table is placed about 16 feet away from the contestant.

Office Tennis - Using clipboards and a wad of paper, players must work as a team to hit the wad back and forth, moving down a line towards a trash can where they deposit the wad of paper.

Oh, Nuts! - Oh, Nuts! requires the contestant to form a free-standing tower of 8 nut and bolt pairing lined up on a steel ruler.

On The Hook - With On the Hook, players must collect a total of four keys by “fishing” them from the edge of a table using a hook created from a chopstick, string, and paper clip.

On The Rebound - This is a partner game. One partner ties a clipboard around his waist and stands behind a container. The other partner throws ping pong balls attempting to bank the shot off the clipboard and into the container. The team must get 5 balls in.

Paper Scraper - The goal is to build a 10-story house using just index cards within a minute.

Paper Dragon - Take two full-sized spools of ribbon/streamers and wind them completely around your arms by doing your best windmill impression.

Pitch Black - The contestant must throw neon plastic glow rings over six pre-positioned hooks to form a triangle in the dark.

Pink Elephant - The players have an extended slinky attached to their foreheads. In this game, they are only allowed to move their heads. They need to flick the slinky in the air and have it land on their forehead. The slinky needs to remain there, compressed for the contestant to win. If the slinky falls over, the player needs to try again.

Ping Tac Toe - Have two people pitted against each other. The first player to get three-in-a-row (tic-tac-toe) wins. The participants must bounce the ping-pong ball into the cups.

Play It By Ear - In this game, the player needs to listen to eight soda cans filled with various amounts of pennies and arrange them in order from the least amount to the most

Ponginator Minute to Win It Game - The goal is to bounce ping pong balls so that 8 of them land in the egg carton within one minute.

Pop Top - With the help of a single thumb, a contestant has to flick at least one of the 48 bottle caps kept on a round table, into a cup placed in the center of the table.

Propeller Head - The contestants must launch a Chinese propeller and land it in a basket 15 feet away.

Puddle Jumper - The goal of this game is to blow the ping pong ball from one water-filled cup to the next.

Punch Your Lights Out - In this game, the contestant has to throw a beanbag underhand to turn off about 6 to 9 sensor lights. If even a single one is turned back on, the contestant has to try to turn it back off within the time frame.

Raise Your Glass - The object of the game is to make a stacked tower of glasses and ornaments.

Raisin The Bar - Remove a raisin box from under an empty glass bottle without touching the bottle or causing it to fall over.

Rapid Fire - The Rapid Fire Minute Game requires the participant to knock down 6 soda cans or plastic cups stacked in a pyramid form in front of them using rubber bands.

Ready Spaghetti - The team must move three soda cans from one table to the other and create a small pyramid with the cans, without using their hands.

Reindeer Nose Dive - Before the game starts, tie a large red pom-pom to a length of red ribbon. To get the player ready, they should don reindeer antlers (this is optional but really adds to the spirit of the game) and dangle the ribbon with the attached pom-pom from the mouth. Put a little dab of petroleum jelly on the nose. When the timer starts, the player must swing the pom-pom to land and stick on the nose using only mouth and body – no hands.

Roll With It - The player needs to unspool two toilet rolls, one on each hand using only arm motions

Ruler Of The World - Roll a marble down the length of a ruler and place it in the hole at the opposite end.

Scary Cherry - The contestant must blow a cherry attached to a string back and forth and land it in the contestant’s mouth. This must be repeated 3 times.

Sharp Shooter - Use rubber bands and knock over three playing cards that are standing on 3 clothespins.

Shoe Fly Shoe - The player has to sling the shoe on the table only using the foot. Make it happen in 60 seconds to win.

Snap Crackle - Contestant must set up 13 cereal boxes to create a domino effect. Then they must topple the boxes in order to spill the contents of the last box into a bowl.

Snowball Fight - The players must bounce ping pong balls to knock four Styrofoam balls off their pedestals.

Spare Me - Drop marbles into one end of a pool noodle and shoot them out the other end to knock over pieces of chalk which are placed 16 feet away.

Speed Eraser - Throw pencils so that they land on their eraser ends, bounce and land in a cup.

Spin Doctor - Player uses hands to spin a coin on a table. The second player stops coin on its edge using 1 finger.

Spoon Frog - Bang down on a spoon to propel another spoon into a glass.

Spudnick Minute to Win It Game - Players will need to build their own miniature (and somewhat creepier) version of Spudnick the satellite, which they will use to balance candies.

Stack Attack - One player must stack 36 plastic cups into a perfect triangle-shaped structure. Once that is completed, the player must get the cups back into a single stack.

Stay on Key - Place each key before two glasses, and by means of a little stick, you need to toss keys in the air in a way that they can fall into your glasses.

Stick The Landing - Toss the water bottle so that it lands on a table right-side-up.

Sticker Picker Upper - The player must roll an egg on a round platter using only one hand and pick up the 3 stickers upside down on the tray without the egg falling off.

Sticky Balls - This game is also about physics and gaining just the right amount of momentum as players roll standard glass marbles across a tabletop to stick on double sided tape at the edge of the tabletop.

Sticky Situation - Launch a ping pong from one table to the other to stick one onto a piece of bread with peanut butter on top.

Suck It Up - Carry candy coated chocolates by sucking them with a straw and place them on four other straws.

Supercoin Minute to Win It Game - The player must bounce coins a distance of 15 feet in an attempt to land one inside a 5-gallon water container with a mouth of 1.75 inches.

Tea Party - The players each have to wear a baseball cap. There is a tea bag attached to either side of the bill of the cap. The contestants must move their head in such a way that the tea bags end up on the bill and stay there. They cannot use their hands and have to continue trying until both teabags are balanced on the cap.

Temper Tantrum - A pedometer is attached to the contestant’s legs. They are supposed to kick their legs wildly to get the maximum number of steps on the pedometer.

The Nutstacker - The goal of The Nutstacker is to create a free-standing tower of metal nuts. You’ll do this by stacking them one on top of the other, but there are a couple of catches.

Tipsy Minute to Win It Game - In this game, the player attempts to position a soda can so it can be balanced sideways. The game starts off with an unopened soda can and he or she will have to drink the exact amount of soda to make it stand on its side.

Tortilla Head - In this challenge, the aerodynamic design of standard swim fins will be worn by contestants. Using the wide floppy end to propel a tortilla onto a plate strapped to their head. At least one tortilla must land on the plate within sixty seconds

Triple Pong Plop - Get 3 ping pong balls into a fishbowl by bouncing them off plates that are lined up in front of the fishbowl.

Tuna Roll - The contestant must roll tuna cans around a two-by-four wood piece to knock over four inverted 2-liter soda bottles placed in a 2×2 formation.

Tweeze Me - Tweeze Me requires the player to use tweezers to move a tic tac through a tennis racket and into a cup. There is a ball on top of the tennis racket which cannot fall. This must be repeated three times.

Uphill Battle - The contestant has to manage three marbles on a slanted table with the help of a spoon. If even one of the marbles rolls off the table, the contestant fails the challenge.

Volcano - A player will stand on an elevated surface and will have to drop a single mint into the small opening of a soda bottle. If the reaction is achieved within 60-seconds, the player wins the game.

Well Done - The contestant must maneuver four golf balls on the even surface of an inverted grill lid, landing them in the four vent holes.

Wet Ball - The aim of the game is to guide a floating balloon towards a waste bin by using only the water spray. Complete the task within 60 seconds to win the game.

Whack Job - Use a broom to knock a pie tin off a glass, so that the egg sitting on a toilet paper roll on top of the tin falls into the glass.

What A Racquet - In What a Racquet you have to get a gumball to land in the very middle square of a tennis racquet.

Wheel Of A Deal - The contestant has to place 5×4 cards face down. These cards should contain only tens of different aces from each suit. These cards need to be separated on 5 different tables by flipping only one card at a time.

Whippersnapper - To win this game, the player must flick the ping pong balls using the towel and make it fall into the basket within 1 minute.

Worm Diving - The contestant, using a moist Gummy Worm as “bait”, must fish a pretzel out of a fishbowl full of them, bring the pretzel to their mouth, and eat the pretzel without using their hands or dropping the pretzel.

Wreath Relay - The player will transfer the wreath to his teammate using nothing but their heads. Also, the player will have to travel a certain distance and hang the wreath on the post to win the game.

Yan Minute to Win It Game - Stack an index card on the top of the cup until there are five cups and then yank the index cards out to attempt to create a single stack of five cups.