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Nedbank Minute to Win It Team Building Event in Johannesburg

Nedbank Minute to Win It team building event at Sand River Guest House in Johannesburg, facilitated and coordinated by TBAE. Click on the thumbnails to view bigger photos.

TBAE recently facilitated and coordinated Nedbank’s Minute to Win It event at the Sand River Guest House in Johannesburg.  This activity is based upon the popular television program where participants need to complete various activities within a one minute period.  If time expires or conditions of the challenge cannot be fulfilled, the team loses a life. If the team loses all three of their lives, the game ends, and the team’s winnings drop to the previous milestone they passed. The challenges become progressively more difficult throughout the event.  The event involves skill as well as strategizing with teams needing to decide which of their members are going to participate on what level of difficulty.

"I would just like to thank you for your outstanding service that you provided to us for our team building yesterday.
I must say that you 3 guys were very friendly and professional and really let us have so much fun.
Will definitely be referring your company to the rest of our department."
Rehana Hedinger, Nedbank

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Nedbank Minute To Win It Team Building in Johannesburg
Minute to Win It game with cups
Challenging but fun games
Working as a team to meet the challenge
Working close together
It takes concentration and skill to complete this minute to win it challenge
Showing everybody how it is done
Tilt a Cup Minute to Win It game
Games using everyday objects
Kung Yoga team building ice breaker
Having fun with the challenges
Intense concentration required to complete the challenge
Minute to Win It with count down screen
Trying hard to complete the challenge
Listening closely to the instructions from the team building facilitator
Green tribe survivor war cry