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Nedbank Team Building Event in Muldersdrift, Gauteng

Nedbank team building event at Nedbank Olwazini in Muldersdrift Gauteng, facilitated and coordinated by TBAE. Click on the thumbnails to view bigger photos.

This is one of Nedbank’s many team building events facilitated by TBAE. Nedbank is a bank holding company and one of the four largest banking groups in SA measured by assets, with a strong deposit franchise and over six million clients.

The team building event was held at Olwazini team building venue, situated in Muldersdrift in the Gauteng West Rand.

Nedbank Team Building Event at Muldersdrift
Passing a ball from chin to chin
Having fun with the team building exercise
Knee to knee team building exercise
This exercise is the cause of much laughter
Nedbank staff enjoying their team building event
Fun and laughter
Lining up for the team building activity
Kung fu yoga
Kung Yoga team building ice breaker
Making the bandanas for Tribal Survivor
Orang team putting on their tribe colours
Green tribe getting their colours
Blue tribe getting their colours for the survivor team building activity
Pienk tribe ready for action
Green tribe survivor war cry
Orange tribe survivor war cry
Pienk tribe survivor war cry
Blue tribe survior war cry
Red tribe survior war cry
Gumboot dancing team building exercise
Bush golf team building exercise
Blindfolded minefield teambuilding exercise
Tyre Racing team building exercise
Cheering on their tribes
Bhati team building exercise
Fun activities with water
Blindfolded team building activity
More fun with water