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Tribal Survivor Challenge Team Building Activity

Tribal Survivor Challenge Team Building Activity SA Mini Olympics Team Building Activity

TBAE’s Tribal Survivor Challenge team building activity is inspired by the Survivor reality game show franchise. This team building activity is a fun, exciting and interactive event that is suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

The Tribal Survivor Challenge starts with the group being divided into different tribes using TBAE’s ice breakers. These ice breakers are designed to divide the group up in a way that ‘cliques’ are separated and new relationships formed. Each tribe then gets together to come up with a name for their tribe. They also have to create a flag and a war cry related to the name of the tribe and present them in front of the other tribes.

The tribes then proceed to compete against each other in a variety of team building exercises designed to encourage teamwork, communication and cooperation. Points are awarded for each challenge and the team with the highest points at the end of the event is declared the winning tribe.

Some possible outcomes of the Tribal Survivor Challenge team building activity include teamwork, communication, leadership, cooperation, goal setting, creative thinking, decision making, problem solving, resilience, time management and trust.

These are some of the team building exercises that may be included in the Tribal Survivor Challenge team building activity. Your facilitator will select the appropriate exercises to match the venue and team on the day.

Hoola Hoop Races Team Building ExerciseHoola Hoop Races - In this fun and simple team building exercise, teams compete against each other in a race with hula hoops. The team member is given two hula hoops and must always be "inside" the hula hoops, by stepping inside one an lifting the other hula hoop and placing it in front...

Catty Challenge Team Building ExerciseCatty challenge - All the targets must be eliminated before moving on to the next activity. Team members need to collect their own ammunition. Accuracy is key!!!

Blindfolded in to the unknown team building exerciseBlindfolded into the Unknown- It’s dark and one tribe member must lead the rest of the tribe to civilization avoiding traps along the way...

Plank Walk Team Building ExercisePlank Walk - Teams race against each other with multiple participants from each team sharing a pair of planks...

Miniature Raft Building ExerciseMini Raft Building- Using the materials provided, build a miniature raft and present the raft to the local tribal chief. Be prepared to get wet and dirty...

Sack Race Team Building ExerciseWater Transfer - Teams need to transfer water from one side to the other using a combination of different equipment including canvas sheets and pipes with holes in them. Prepare to get very wet...

Bhati Team Building ExerciseBhati - In this activity, one team tries to pick up as many objects as possible and place them into a crate, but only using their feet to do so. This they have to achieve while avoiding ‘fire’ from the opposing team. If anyone does get hit by a ‘missile’, they need to get out of the designated area...

Gumboot Dancing Team Building ExerciseGumboot Dancing - The tribes are taught this traditional dance and then need to perform in order to survive the tribal council...

Spider's Web Team Building ExerciseSpider's Web - Each member of the tribe needs to get through the spiders web however each opening is only able to be used once. If the spider’s web is touched the hole is closed and the team member needs to start again attempting a different opening...

Minefield Team Building ExerciseMinefield - The team have come to a battlefield that has been laid with mines. One person at a time must attempt to cross the battlefield without stepping on a mine...

Drumming Team Building ExerciseDrumming - The tribes compete against each other in a drumming competition after been taught the basics by our drumming facilitator...

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Tribal Survivor Events Testimonials

Lignotech Team building event testimonial"I just wanted to say a big thank you for your staff that facilitated our Event at the Karridene on Friday, 10th November. We have received such positive feedback – so we have many happy staff members. The guys were excellent I must say – kept us entertained and on our toes the whole time. Please convey our gratitude to them." Debbie, LTSA

The Haven Night Shelter Team Building Event Testimonial
"The Haven staff would like to thank you for an amazing day. They enjoyed everything especially the auction. The spirits was good and they had a great time mingling with staff they don’t usually get to see." Marilize Arendse, Administrator at The Haven Head Office


VFS Global Team Building Event Testimonial

"The team building was good very well organized, thanks a lot to you and your team." Keenan Hans, VFS Global


Weizmann Primary School Team Building Event Testimonial
"Thank you so much for the report and for the amazing day of facilitation you and your team did with our children - they really had a blast! Looking forward to working together in the future." Sam Pretorius, School Counsellor, Weizmann Primary School


Motheo team building event testimonial"On behalf of the whole team, we would like to say Thank you . Thank You. Thank you… for treating us to a spectacular team building session on Friday, 18 November 2016. Hylie, Thank you for the hospitality and the house is just … Truly 'Amazing'! We felt right at home. The food was fantastic and truly filling, I think the excitement got the better of our appetite though… thanks to James 'workouts'. We would also like to say thank you to James, for being a super fantastic and fabulous facilitator. He truly inspired us and taught us a lot. He is too… Amazing! Sonja, and Mari – Thank you for all your prompt responses and organizing this for us in such short notice. May all your work be truly blessed and we surely will recommend your teambuilding to whoever needs it." Rachel, Motheo Construction Group

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Tribal Survivor Team Building
Tribal Survivor Team Building Exercise
Tribal Survivor Team Building Activity
Tribal Survivor Team Building
Tribal Survivor Team Building
Tribal Survivor Team Building
Painting Flags
Spider's Web
Presenting the Tribe's Flag
Tribal War Cry
Water Transfer
Presenting Tribal Flag
Drumming Challenge
Blindfolded into the unknown
Tribal Survivor Team Building

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