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Outdoor Team Building Activities

TBAE offers fun and exciting outdoor team building activities aimed at enhancing team work and communication within the group. These outdoor activities can be done at most team building venues depending on the size of your group. These activities are also easily facilitated at your own venue if your venue has a suitable outdoor space available. We offer outdoor team building activities throughout South Africa including Johannesburg, Cape Town, Pretoria and Durban.

Team Building Activity Quote

Beach Day Team Building Activity
Beach Day
The "Beach Day" team building event is a great activity for summer with a beach holiday feeling to it...

mini olympics team building activity
SA Mini Olympics
This creative event is based on a variety of Olympic activities and is designed to cause laughter, lift the spirits...

team building activity
Wacky, Wet, Weird & Wonderful

In this diverse team building event, you can either choose your own activities or allow us to surprise you...
boeresport team building
"Boeresport" Games
Bring back those old memories with a combination of old traditional games. Teams compete against each other....
sports day team building
Sports Day
For the more active, this event is bound to get the competitive juices flowing. Also great as a spectator activity...
indoor drumming team building

TBAE's interactive drumming team building event is an excellent tool for stress release...
survivor team building
Tribal Survivor Challenge
The fun, exciting, interactive and hilarious event is loosely based upon the television series...
corporate fun day team building
Corporate Fun day
The Corporate Fun Day is a great activity for any occasion which can be both very active or even toned down...
amazing race team building
Walk On The Wild Side Amazing Race
The Amazing Race on foot is a venue specific activity and varies from venue to venue...
Laughter Games Team Building Activity
Laughter Games

TBAE’s Laughter Games team building activity is designed to do just what it’s name suggest, to cause laughter, a lot of laughter...
Hitting the Target Team Building Event
Hitting the Target

The "Hitting the Target" team building event emphasises the importance of accuracy and correct decision making...
Score Team Building Activity

Teams will compete against each other in a variety of activities that are both fun and designed to get the team members...
Carnival Games
Carnival Games

In TBAE’s Carnival Games team building activity, we bring back those childhood memories with team building exercises...
potjiekos team build
Potjiekos Cooking Competition

The activity starts with trying to find the ingredients and utensils. Once found the game begins...
cook around the world team build
Cook Around the World

Teams will be provided with; cooking equipment and utensils, a recipe, ingredients and a table to work on...
boomwhacking teambuilding exercise
Boomwhackers are hollow, plastic, musical tubes, which are struck with the hand or on each other...
raft building and racing team building
Raft Building and Racing
Raft building brings many strengths and weaknesses to the surface, and will “gel” a team through achievement...
Box Cart Building & Racing
Box Cart Building & Racing

The Box Cart Building and Racing activity combines creativity, technical precision, leadership, communication and a dose of bravery and fitness for a few...
Heritage Games Team Building
Heritage Games
Bring back those childhood memories with team building exercises based on various traditional games....


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Team Building Activity Quote