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Experience the team spirit, competitiveness and excitement of the Olympics with TBAE’s SA Mini Olympics team building activity. To start the Mini Olympics, your group will be divided into teams with each team needing to create a name for their made up country. This newly created country will need its own anthem and flag which each team will have to write and perform in front of the rest of the teams at the opening ceremony. With the opening ceremony completed the games can now begin. Teams will compete against each other in a variety of activities that are both fun and designed to get the team members working together as a team. The activity ends with the closing ceremony where the victorious team sings their anthem.

Available at an additional cost (not included in standard event):              
Green Screen for Opening & Closing Ceremony

Some possible outcomes for the SA Mini Olympics team building activity include teamwork, communication, leadership, cooperation, goal setting, creative thinking, decision making, problem solving, resilience, time management and trust.

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These are some of the team building exercises that may be included in the SA Mini Olympics team building activity. Your facilitator will select the appropriate exercises to match the venue and team on the day.

Penalty Shootout Team Building ExercisePenalty Shootout - Two teams compete against each other in this enjoyable and highly interactive activity. The one team has their turn at trying to score a goal, with each team member alternating after each attempt. The other team then tries to defend with each team member alternating...

Tug of War Team Building ExerciseTug of War Team Building Exercise - Tug of War is a long standing favourite team building exercise. A real sense of teamwork is created as young and old, big or small, work together as a team to come up as the victor in this battle of strength...

Catty and Word Conundrum Team Building ExerciseCatty Shooting - Catty Shooting is also known as slingshot shooting. The Catty is a small hand-held weapon that is powered by pulling back an elastic strips that is joined to the small pocket that holds the items being shot. In our activities a target needs to be hit a certain number of times...

Hoola Hoop Races Team Building ExerciseHoola Hoop Races - In this fun and simple team building exercise, teams compete against each other in a race with hula hoops. The team member is given two hula hoops and must always be "inside" the hula hoops, by stepping inside one an lifting the other hula hoop and placing it in front...

Kruiwa Stoot Team Building ExerciseKruiwa Stoot Team Building Exercise - Also known as wheelbarrow races, kruiwa stoot is a fun and energetic team building exercise. Two team members compete in a race, where one is crawls on their hands, while the other participant lifts their ankles...

Marble Run team building exerciseMarble Run - A marble needs to be rolled from point A to point B using pipes. The contestants need to join the pipes together without the marble falling to the ground. If the marble hits the ground at any point they have to start again...

Three Legged Race Team BuildingThree Legged Race Team Building Exercise - An old classic and favourite activity, three-legged race is all about cooperation between team members as much as it is one of speed. Two participants attempt to complete a short race with the right leg of one team member strapped...

Volley Ball Team Building ExerciseVolley Ball -Two teams are separated by a net. Each team tries to score points by grounding a ball on the other team's court...

Sack Race Team Building ExerciseSack Race Team Building Exercise - The sack race is a fun and competitive game where participants put both of their legs inside a sack that reaches to their waist. They then need to jump forward inside the sack from a starting point to the finishing line...

Marble Run team building exercise Netball - Played on a rectangular court, each team attempts to score goals by passing a ball down the court and shooting it through the goal ring...

Air Rifle Shooting Team Building ExerciseAir Rifle Shooting- Also known as Pellet or BB guns are used in this target shooting activity where points are scored and accumulated to see which is the winning team...

Plank Walk Team Building ExercisePlank Walk - Teams race against each other with multiple participants from each team sharing a pair of planks...

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SA Mini Olympics Team Building
SA Mini Olympics Team Building
SA Mini Olympics Team Building
SA Mini Olympics Team Building
SA Mini Olympics Team Building
SA Mini Olympics Team Building
SA Mini Olympics Team Building
SA Mini Olympics Team Building
SA Mini Olympics Team Building
SA Mini Olympics Team Building
SA Mini Olympics Team Building
SA Mini Olympics Team Building
SA Mini Olympics Team Building
SA Mini Olympics Team Building
SA Mini Olympics Team Building


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SA Mini Olympics Events Testimonials

Distell Team Building Testimonial
“Thank you very much :). It was a lovely day & we had so much fun! “- Charl Woest, Refinery Stores



Nedbank team building event testimonial

"Just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU to Duncan & Team. They kept us entertained all the way, everyone enjoyed the activities planned.  JOB well done we will recommend your services to our colleagues for their team building in the future." Zakeeyah Loonat, Nedbank


Numeric team building event testimonial

"Thank you for all your organising. We had a wonderful time." Jo Denysschen, Administrator, Numeric

Mondi team building event testimonial

"The team really enjoyed the activities, each and every one and it was so difficult to even predict the effects of the activities.  Mission accomplished so thank you very much." Buyie Chamane, Mondi

Ambledown team building event testimonial

"Thank you very much on your assistance in making our teambuilding a success." Dipuo Chaka, Membership Manager | Ambledown Financial Services (Pty) Ltd


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