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SANGARI Amazing Race Team Building Event in Pretoria

SANGARI Amazing Race team building event at Moyo Restaurant in Pretoria, facilitated and coordinated by TBAE. Click on the thumbnails to view bigger photos.

An Amazing Race Teambuilding day was held for Sangari at Moyo Restaurant in Pretoria for Sangari. Sangari developed programmes are centred in the technology, science, mathematics, engineering, or STEM areas, supplying learning services and solutions to schools, colleges. Universities and  Industrial Training Centres. Sangari believes the most notable aspect of their delivery is the support and training services they provide. They provide Product Training through engaging with educators and customer support staff on a short, medium and long-term basis, in-person and distance function, building and developing a support system with their clients based on the unique criteria of every local context.

The Amazing Race event is a venue specific activity and varies from venues. Although each venue is different, the form of the event remains the same. Groups are provided with clues to finding each check-in point. Some of the check-in points the teams need to prove that they located that particular site and others have activities.

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SANGARI Amazing Race Team Building Event in Pretoria
Team doing their war cry
Red team having fun
Purple team performing their war cry
Blue team preparing for the team building activities
Orange team war cry
Yellow team war cry
Ready for team building fun
Teams squaring up for the amazing race
Fun and laughter
Supprting their team
Teams competing in the challenge
Bhati team building exercise
Water transfer exercise
Purple team having fun
Yellow team doing their water transfer exercise
Blindfolded minefield team building exercise
Crossing the minefield with help from team members
Red ream congratulating each other
Purple team celebrating
Yellow team in the Bhati exercise
Blindfolded team building exercise
Black team celebrating
Orange team strategizing
Neck to neck team building exercise
Blue team members giving high fives
Team building icebreakers
Getting to know the team better
Fun with at team building event