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Score Team Building Activity

Score Team Building Activity

To start the TBAE SCORE team building event, your group will be divided into teams with each team needing to create a name for their team. Teams will compete against each other in a variety of activities that are both fun and designed to get the team members working together as a team.

Available at an additional cost (not included in standard event):               
Green Screen for Opening & Closing Ceremony

Some possible outcomes for the TBAE SCORE team building activity include teamworkcommunicationleadershipcooperationgoal settingcreative thinkingdecision makingproblem solvingresiliencetime management and trust.

Score Team Building Activity

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These are some of the team building exercises that may be included in the TBAE SCORE team building activity. Your facilitator will select the appropriate exercises to match the venue and team on the day.

Soccer World Cup Anthem Team Building Exercise

Soccer World Cup Anthem - The activity starts with each team performing an anthem / song from a previous Soccer World Cup to get the spirits stirred and ready for action...


Frisbee Soccer Team Building Exercise




Frisbee Soccer - Frisbee soccer is a lively game for 6 to 20 participants. It is played by two competing teams. While being similar to soccer, it is played with a Frisbee instead of a ball...


Diski Dance Team Building Exercise

Diski Dance - South Africa's own diski dance got the world jiving to an African rhythm for the 2010 football World Cup. With its unique rhythms and funky style, township football gave rise to the Diski Dance with Diski being the township lingo for soccer...


Giant Ball Soccer Team Exercises

Giant Ball Soccer - As the name suggests, this is regular soccer, with one difference, a giant soccer ball is used. A tremendously fun team building activity for everyone....

Penalty Shootout Team Building Exercise



Penalty Shootout - Two teams compete against each other in this enjoyable and highly interactive activity. The one team has their turn at trying to score a goal, with each team member alternating after each attempt...

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