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sports day team building
Sports Day Netball

TBAE’s Sports Day team building activity consists of various sports related team building exercises. This activity is generally for the more active and is bound to get the competitive juices flowing. The Sports Day team building activity is great fun for spectators and participators alike.

The Sports Day starts with a team building ice breaker that is also used to divide the group into teams. The ice breaker is designed to divide the group up in a way that ‘cliques’ are separated and new relationships formed. These teams then go on to compete against each other in various sports related exercises. Points are awarded for each exercise and the team with the highest points at the end of the event is declared the winning team of the Sports Day. 

Some possible outcomes of the Sports Day team building activity include teamwork, communication, leadership, cooperation, goal setting, creative thinking, decision making, problem solving, resilience, time management and trust.

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These are some of the team building exercises that may be included in the Sports Day team building activity. Your facilitator will select the appropriate exercises to match the venue and team on the day.

Frisbee Golf Team Building ExerciseFrisbee Golf - The object of the Frisbee Golf game is to score the fewest throws while playing 9 holes... Netball Team Building ExerciseNetball - Played on a rectangular court, each team attempts to score goals by passing a ball down the courts and shooting it through the goal ring...
Volleyball Team Building ExerciseVolleyball - Always a winner and enjoyed by all.... Tug of War Team Building ExerciseTug of War - Tug of War is a long standing favorite team building exercise...
Target Golf Team Building ExerciseTarget Golf - I bet you didn’t know golf could be so much fun.... Frisbee Soccer Team Building ExerciseFrisbee Soccer - Frisbee Soccer allows team members to pass the Frisbee to each other on the field and try and score as many goals as possible....
Penaly Shootout Team Building ActivityPenatly Shootout - Two teams compete against each other in this enjoyable and highly interactive activity... Hoola Hoop RacesHula Hoop Race - The team member is given two hula hoops and must always be "inside" the hula hoops....
Bhati Team Building ExerciseBhati - The object of Bhati is to pick up as many objects as possible... Plank Walk Team Building ExercisePlank Race - Three to four team members stand on two wooden planks with their feet tied to the plank...

Sports Day Gallery

Volley Ball
Beach Volleyball
Penalty Shootout
Bhati Team Building Exercise
Dodge Ball
Netbal Team Building Game
Tug of War
Team Building Games
Sports Day Team Building
Sports Day
Plank Race
Plank Race Team Building
Volleybal Fun Games
Sports Day Team Building

Recent Sports Day Team Building Events
Multichoice at Glenburn Lodge in Muldersdrift
FNB at Thabo Eco Hotel Johannesburg
St Francis Care Centre at Blue Mango Lodge in Kempton Park
Lincoln Lubrication in Germiston
Maersk Team Building Event at The Range in Cape Town

Sports Day Events Testimonials

FNB team building event testimonial
"Thank you to you and your professional team for the great service and energy put in at yesterday’s team building event. We thoroughly enjoyed the activities and enthusiasm your team displayed. Everything was set up on time and ran smoothly." Nolubabalo Hlwatika, FNB



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