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Team Building Coordinators and Facilitators

Team Building Facilitators


A team-building coordinator is responsible for each component of a team building intervention. A team-building coordinator or facilitator will likely interact with the team once, or for a limited number of times. During this relationship, the facilitator will actively work to assess the team, make recommendations, and provide team building activities for the team. These responsibilities usually require a team building consultant to write a proposal after his or her evaluation of the organization and the team, indicating how he or she would go about improving the team’s performance. Once the organization and consultant determine which recommendations to utilize (if not all), the consultant is then responsible for providing a useful intervention that will transfer back into the organizational setting. This responsibility usually requires the consultant to create a detailed plan of events, while allowing for flexibility. After the intervention has been employed, the consultant will typically evaluate the team-building program and communicate the results to the organization.

The organization should make their goals clear to a team-building consultant or facilitator. This will allow the facilitator to more effectively work with the organization to find the best team building exercises that fit their needs. Sometimes an organization will not know exactly what is wrong with a team. The team itself may have some clear ideas about what they need to improve on. Again, a coordinator or facilitator will be able to assist the team better if they are able to get this kind of information. With this information, they can tailor the team building and individual exercises to best help the team.

Some team building exercises are designed for younger groups. These exercises are not appropriate for older groups and could cause the organization and the team members to think that team building is a waste of time. In addition, some team building exercises are simply beyond some individuals physical capabilities. It is important to make exercises all-inclusive, so that all individuals within the teams can participate.


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