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Administrative Support Training Course

Administrative Support Training Course
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An administrative support specialist is also known as an administrative assistant. The tasks of an administrative support specialist vary according to the company and position. Duties typically include office management, administrative tasks and back-office duties. To be an administrative support specialist, you should enjoy working in an office environment, like multitasking and have strong communication skills.

Some of the tasks performed by administrative support specialists include: assisting with all aspects of administrative management, managing inventory of assets and supplies, coordinating between departments, scheduling and coordinating meetings, preparing business correspondence, sending faxes, managing files, multifaceted office support and everyday operation matters.

Administrative support is an essential part of most office environments. Administrative support specialists ensures that the operational aspects of the business run smoothly and efficiently. The Administrative Support workshop will give administrative assistants tools to make them more efficient and valuable than ever. The participants of the course will learn how to use resources efficiently, manage time wisely, communicate effectively and collaborate with others.

In TBAE’s Administrative Support course, participants will learn time management skills including how to keep others on track, manage your own time and maintain schedules. Other subjects covered in the course include Getting Organized, Getting It All Done on Time, Special Tasks, Verbal Communication Skills, Non-Verbal Communication Skills, Empowering Yourself, The Team of Two and Taking Care of Yourself.

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