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Anger Management Training Course

Anger Management Course
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Anger management typically refers to the management of excessive or uncontrollable anger and aggression through various techniques or exercises. To manage anger, the person prone to anger outbursts, need to distinguish between the emotion of anger and the behavior exhibited when angry. While most believe that they are out of control when they are overcome by anger, the truth is that they are often very much in control of their behavior if not their emotion. The anger management course will teach your team members their personal responsibility. It will also provide participants with techniques to assist in avoiding the anger outbursts in the first place.

Without self-control, individuals limit themselves to what they can accomplish in their personal and professional life. Uncontrollable anger causes tremendous damage to people, costing jobs, personal relationships and even lives. The Anger Management Workshop will teach constructive approaches to managing anger effectively. The course will teach participants to identify anger triggers and what to do when they get angry.

The contents of the Anger Management Course include methods for solving problems effectively by choosing the right solution, making a plan and putting the plan into action. Participants will also be given a better understanding of anger and how to break the cycle of anger. They will be taught how to put a personal plan into place, deal with anger and identify their “hot buttons”. The course teaches the “Triple A” approach to anger; Alter, Avoid and Accept. Other subjects in the Anger Management Course include: gaining control, dealing with angry people, separating the people from the problem and working on the problem.

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