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Appreciative Inquiry Training Course

Appreciative Inquiry Training Course
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Appreciative Inquiry refers to an inquiry which appreciates the positive. It is an organizational development process that focuses on what an organization does well rather than eliminating what it does poorly. It is an especially helpful method of development in organizations facing rapid change or growth. The Appreciative Inquiry model is based on the theory that the questions we ask tend to focus our attention in a particular direction. It is based on a belief that every person in an organization has positive aspects on which can be built. It aims to encourage all members to understand and appreciate the most favorable features of the organization's culture.

Appreciative Inquiry is a model that looks at changing the organization by changing its people. Employees are directed in a positive direction through positive questioning. Individuals are transformed by recognizing and focusing on their strengths instead of their weaknesses. Appreciative Inquiry shifts from a focus on strengths and successes to a focus on problems and deficiencies. It is a useful tool for organizational change as well as strengthening relationships.

In TBAE’s Appreciative Inquiry Training Course participants will be taught the Four D Model which includes Discovery, Dream, Design and Delivery. They will learn about the power of positive imagery and how you can develop performance with positive imagery. Other subjects covered in the course include Changing the Way You Think, The Four I Model, Appreciative Inquiry Interview Style, Anticipatory Reality, Influencing Change Through AI, Coaching and Managing With AI and Creating a Positive Core.

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