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Assertiveness and Self-Confidence Training Course

Assertiveness and Self-confidence Training Course
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Assertiveness is a way of communication that affirms the individual’s rights or viewpoint without threatening the rights of another, or submissively permitting another to ignore one’s rights or point of view. Self-esteem is often linked to assertiveness. Self-confidence relates to being assured in one’s ability, power or judgment. Having a positive self-esteem is strongly linked to psychological health, body image, physical health and the feeling that you matter to others.

To be successful in your personal or work life, self-confidence and assertiveness are indispensable. Not feeling worthy and not being able to express your self-worth will hamper you in every area of your life. Improving these skills will open up new opportunities in your life.  In TBAE’s Assertiveness and Self-Confidence training course, participants will gain a better understanding of the meaning of assertiveness and self-confidence. They will learn how they can develop these skills in their everyday lives.

In the Assertiveness and Self-Confidence course participants will be taught communication skills such as listening and hearing, asking questions and body language. They will learn to identify their own worth, create positive self-talk as well identifying and addressing strengths and weaknesses in themselves. Other subjects covered in the course includes What Does Self-Confidence Mean to You, Obstacles to Our Goals, The Importance of Goal Setting, Feeling the Part, Looking the Part, Sounding the Part, Powerful Presentations, Coping Techniques and Dealing with Difficult Behavior.

Assertiveness and Self-Confidence Online Training Course for Individuals


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