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Attention Management Training Course

Attention Management Training Course
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Attention management refers to models supporting the management of attention at the individual or collective level. Attention has become a valuable commodity and the ability to focus an essential skill. The ability to focus and pay attention is a skill that can be trained, and like any other skill it can be lost if not practiced.

In the workplace, distracted employees lead to less effective employees. If employees are not paying attention to their work, they are more likely to make careless mistakes. Not focusing or paying attention may result in valuable time being wasted. In the Attention Management Course, participants will learn skills that will help them to focus and be more effective at their job, make fewer mistakes and be more productive. Attention Management skills are also valuable skills for managers to have. These skills will help managers to connect with their employees on an emotional level and motivate their employees to focus on their work.

In TBAE’s Attention Management Course, participants will gain knowledge and insight into becoming more attentive and focused. The participants will be introduced to the various types of attentions such as Focused, Sustained, Selective and Alternating attention. They will be taught how to stay focused using the one minute and five minute rules. Other subjects covered in the course include Strategies for Goal Setting, Meditation, Training Your Attention, Attention Zones Model, SMART Goals, Procrastination and Prioritizing Your Time.

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