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Business Acumen Training Course

Business Acumen Training Course

Business Acumen can be defined as the ability to understand and deal with various business situations in a way that it is likely to produce a favorable outcome. The SHRM Business Literacy Glossary defines business literacy as ‘the knowledge and understanding of the financial, accounting, marketing and operational functions of an organization.” The Oxford English Dictionary defines acumen as "the ability to make good judgments and quick decisions". Combining these two definitions, a literal definition of Business Acumen would be “a keenness and quickness in understanding and dealing with a business situation.” Several strategies have developed around improving Business Acumen as it has become a valuable vehicle for improving profits and developing leaders.

Participants of the Business Acumen course will learn how to improve their judgment and decision making abilities. They will be taught to see the big picture and appreciate how every decision affects the bottom line of the company. Participants will increase their financial literacy and business sense. This course will give the participants an advantage in a competitive business world and help them to manage risk better. Techniques will be learned to increase critical thinking skills and recognize learning events. Business Acumen provides the edge that will lead any company to greater success.

In TBAE’s Business Acumen course, participants will learn risk management strategies such as continuous assessment, making adjustments and corrections and knowing when to pull the trigger or plug. Other subjects covered in the course include Seeing the Big Picture, Key Performance Indicators, Risk Management Strategies, Recognizing Learning Events, Financial Literacy, Business Acumen in Management, Critical Thinking in Business and Key Financial Levers.

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