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Business Ethics Training Course

Business Ethics Training Course
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Business ethics are also known as corporate ethics. It is a form of applied ethics that examine moral or ethical problems that arise in a business environment. Business ethics deals with the conduct of individuals in a business environment as well as the conduct of organizations. It reflects the views of an organization and plays a significant role in determining the values of the organization. Some of the ethical issues that organizations face include rights and duties between the organization and its employees, suppliers and customers and its responsibility towards its shareholders.

An organization’s ethics determines its reputation, making sound business ethics essential to the long term success of any organization. Developing and implementing a program of ethics takes time and effort but the rewards vastly outweigh the sacrifices. The ethics of an organization has an impact on all levels of business interactions with customers, employees, suppliers and competitors. The world has become smaller, and a good or bad reputation spreads faster than ever before.

In TBAE’s Business Ethics Course, participants will learn how to implement and manage ethics in the workplace. Subjects covered in the course include What is Ethics, Employer/Employee Rights, Business and Social Responsibilities, Ethical Decisions, Whistle Blowing, Managerial Ethics and Unethical Behavior.

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