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Business Succession Planning Training Course

Business Succession Training Course
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Business Succession Planning incorporates the identifying and developing of people within the company to fill key leadership positions. Succession planning ensures the availability and capability of employees to assume leadership roles as they become available. It ensures that employees are constantly developed to fill each needed role. Clear objectives are critical in establishing effective succession planning.

Business Succession Planning is essential to the long term survival of a company as the loss of valuable leadership can cripple a company. Every company should have some form of succession planning in its portfolio. How you prepare someone to take on the responsibility of leadership is as crucial as picking the right person for leadership. In the Business Succession Planning course, participants will learn the difference between succession planning and replacement planning.

TBAE’s Business Succession Planning course covers the following subjects:  Succession Planning vs. Replacement Planning, Preparing for the Planning Process, Initiating Process, The SWOT Analysis, Developing the Succession Plan,  Executing the Plan, Gaining Support, Managing the Change, Overcoming Roadblocks and Reaching the End.

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