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Business Writing Training Course

Business Writing Training Course

Business writing is an extremely valuable skill that all employees and managers need to master. Business correspondence need to be clear so that there is no confusion in the reader’s mind what the writer is trying to say. Business writing should focus on the reader and the purpose of the correspondance. You become a better communicator and business writer by using simple, clear and precise language. Bettering your writing skills will improve your career prospects.

Although writing is a key method for communication it is also an area where many people struggle with text messaging and emails contributing to the degradation of writing skills. Having strong writing skills remains a valuable asset in business with the ability to create formal documents giving you the edge in the workplace.  TBAE’s Business Writing Workshop offers participants basic writing concepts such as spelling, grammar and punctuation as well as an overview of the most common business documents.

In the Business Writing Course participants will learn how to write emails including how to address the message and the proper use of grammar and acronyms.  They will be taught to write reports, business letters and proposals. Other subjects covered in the course include Working with Words, Constructing Sentences, Creating Paragraphs, Writing Meeting Agendas, Writing E-mails, Proofreading and Finishing.

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