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Civility in the Workplace Training Course

Civility in the Workplace Training Course
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The workplace can be seen as a reflection of society at large where behavior that demonstrates a lack of respect and civility seem to be on the increase. Incivility both in and outside the workplace is a serious problem. Studies have found that a large percentage of employees believe that annoying behavior of co-workers negatively impact the workplace. Lack of civility in the workplace can be a significant cause of employees looking for new employment. Disrespectful and uncivil behavior affects productivity and can negatively influence an organization’s bottom line. It is becoming increasingly critical for employees to develop awareness of respectful behavior in the workplace.

A training course on civility in the workplace is invaluable to any organization. Rudeness is an epidemic and is costing industry millions a year. TBAE’s Civility in the Workplace Workshop addresses the growing problem of incivility among co-workers. The course highlights the importance of civility in the workplace as well as typical causes and effects of incivility. Participants will be taught the skills needed to effectively practice civil behavior and the different ways organizations can systematize civility in the workplace.

In the Civility in the Workplace Course, participants will learn effective work etiquette including greetings, respect, involvement and being politically correct. Participants will also be taught how to write and implement a civility policy. Other subject covered in the Civility in the Workplace Course include costs and rewards, conflict resolution, getting to the cause, communication, negotiation and identifying your need.

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